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Maragas and Plaka beach in Naxos

Maragas Beach, just a few hundred metres from Agia Anna, is a nice wide sandy beach with white soft sand and high sand dunes. Taverna Paradiso in the beginning of the beach really lives up to its name, the chairs and tables are strategically placed directly in the sand under a shady tamarisk tree.


Maragas beach in Naxos.

Maragas beach.



Plaka Beach starts where Maragas ends, actually it is the same beach, only the names separates them. Plaka is Naxos' longest beach, actually one of the longest I've been to in Greece. (The beach continues all the way to Mikri Vigla, but the name is changed several times).


Plaka beach. Naxos.

Plaka beach in one direction.


The sand is white and powder fine, there are many high dunes, the waters is amazingly crystal clear and turquoise.

Plaka beach. Naxos.

Plaka beach in the other direction.



Plaka is undoubtedly one of Greece's best beaches. It's not just me who thinks so, because in the last two readers' voting for the best beach in Grecce at Kalimera (the Swedish version of Kalispera), Plaka has come in first place. I'm usually not fond of sandy beaches, I prefer pebbles or swimming off the rocks, but Plaka is an exception.


Naxos. Plaka beach.

Plaka beach.


Plaka is something of a paradise beach for naturists, many take unabashedly naked long walks along the shoreline, others build small beach houses in the dunes. If one do not like nudism it does not matter so much, the beach is long enough to accommodate everyone, it is always plenty of space, even in high season, and nudists hang out further away on the beach.


If you do want to be close to one of Greece's best beaches, then it is a good choice to stay here.

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The famous hat tree at Plaka beach in Naxos.

The famous hat tree at Plaka beach.


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