Easter on Amorgos. Views from Minoa.

Easter on Amorgos.

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Slaughter the goat on Amorgos.

In a weak moment on Easter Sunday, we had promised to comply with Kostas when he slaughtered a goat. Not only that, I should slaughter the goat. It was time for me to learn how to live on the islands, for real, he said. For some reason we came late (!) to the slaughter, the goat was already slaughtered. Thanks for that!

Learn how to make goat cheese. Amorgos.

After the slaughter, we learned how to make goat cheese.

Easter procession in Katapola..

Later in the day, it was time for another procession in Katapola.

Minoa. Katapola.

A little later we drove up to Minoa to take a closer look at the old town and the views of Katapola. On the way up we were stopped by a loving donkey.

Views from Minoa.

Another one of our favourite views on Amorgos.

Eleni Rooms seen from Minoa.

Eleni Rooms seen from Minoa.

Xilokeratidi seen from Minoa.

Lefkes. Katapola. Amorgos.

After Minoa, we drove to the tiny village of Lefkes where we met a woozy lady from Japan. We met her by accident on Naxos a few days later. She was not just woozy, she was incredibly funny too. But that's another story.

Football game. Amorgos.

This evening we went to see a football game. It was us and a flock of sheep who were watching.

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