Thirasia in Greece

Thirasia. Greece.

Island group: Cyclades | Capital: Manolos | Population: 140 | Area: 9 km2 | Highest mountain: ? | Airport: No

Thirasia in Swedish. | Thirasia in Finnish.

Thirasia lies opposite Santorini and before the great volcanic eruption it was a part of Santorini. Today, Thirasia is a sleepy little island with about 140 residents who get their principal income from fishing and from the tourists who come for the day from Santorini. For those who like the ultimate peace and quiet, Thirasia fits like a glove, there is nothing at all to do and very few stay overnight.

Organized tours to Thirasia depart several times a day from Santorini. There are also regular boat services between Santorini and Thirasia. And a couple of times a week, a large ferry come from Piraeus, the port of Athens. If you arrive by excursion boat or with the regular ferryboat from the port of Santorini, Athinios, you can choose to go up the stairs to the island's only village Manolos, or to take a donkey taxi upstairs.

On foot or by donkey.

The small port under Manolos.

The small port under Manolos.

The only village on Thirasia, Manolos, is tiny as a dollhouse, a few streets only. The main street - which runs along the edge of the cliff - is surrounded by tavernas and small shops. Any nightlife does not exist. The tavernas in the port and in Manolos concentrate mainly on the day visitors from Santorini, but some of the tavernas in Manolos are also open in the evenings. Peaceful evenings with beautiful views are what are on offer.

There are no beaches; the only option is to bathe in the port where the excursion boats moor.

No sights, other than the fabulous views of Santorini.

If you intend to stay overnight, you should contact a travel agency on Santorini and see if they can help you to make a reservation at a pension. There are very few pensions and it is not a good idea to go there at a venture.

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