Lefkada in Greece

Lefkas. Kathisma.

Island group: Ionian | Capital: Lefkada | Population: 22 500 | Area: 356 km2 | Highest mountain: 1167 m | Airport: No

Lefkada in Swedish.

Lefkada, or Lefkas, is an island with beautiful scenery, nice archipelago and stunning beaches. Another major attraction is the windsurfing paradise Vasiliki, which attracts windsurfers from all over the world. That one's also are offered a dose of what we a bit dull call the traditional Greece obviously makes it even better. Tourism is concentrated in a few places, large parts of the island is actually quite untouched. This is noticeable when you visit the villages in the inland.

From some countries there is charter. Lefkada has no airport, the airplane land at Preveza on the mainland, from where the journey continues with bus to Lefkada. If you choose to travel independently to Lefkada it is easiest to fly to Preveza directly or via Athens, and then go on by bus or taxi.

The bus network is extensive and connects nearly the whole island. Car and moped can be rented in all tourist areas. Excursion boats to the neighbouring islands of Meganissi, Scorpio (Onassis' island), Kalamos and Kassos departs from the port of Nidri. From there the bathing boats to Porto Katsiki start out as well.

Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas.

Porto Katsiki.

Porto Katsiki.

Almost all tourist resorts on Lefkada is located along the eastern and southern coast, it is a bit odd, because the lovely beaches are on the west coast. My personal favourite villages are Agios Nikitas and Lefkada town. Pleasant Lefkada town in the northeast is beautifully situated in one corner of the large salt water lagoon that separates Lefkada from the mainland. Although the town is located on the waterfront there is no commercial port, it is very rare, most of the main towns on the islands in Greece have a port with regular boat traffic. As compensation the town has - as I mentioned earlier - a bridge to the mainland and also one of Greece's most modern marinas with room for more than 500 yachts. Agios Nikitas is without doubt the most picturesque and charming village on Lefkada. Here's a perfect mix of old and new, tourism and genuinely. In addition, the village is architecturally beautiful. To this must be added a lush greenery and that all vehicular traffic is prohibited, and you have the perfect village. There is also a fine beach in the village, and it is close to the even more superfine beach of Milos.

Nidri, about 17 kilometres south of Lefkada town, is the biggest tourist resort on Lefkada. I really like Nidiri, in spite of the fact that I'm usually not so fond of tourist resorts. The main reason that I like Nidri is the enchanting scenery that surrounds Nidri. The village is situated insanely beautiful at the periphery of a large bay with lovely water. It is a true pleasure to sit at a taverna on the waterfront promenade and gaze out over - what I think - the Thailand-look-alike scenery.




Other villages on Lefkada are Ligia, Nikania, Vlichos, Poros, Sivota, Vasiliki and Karia.

The beaches on the west coast are among the best in the Ionian islands; absolutely in the same class as the best beaches on Kefalonia and Zakynthos. Of course there are beaches in other parts of the island. Nidri beach, Rouda beach, Vasiliki beach and Agios Ioannis beach are just some examples, but they are not in the same class as Pefkoulia beach, Milos beach, Kathisma beach (see photo on top) and Porto Katsiki on the west coast. Porto Katsiki is in my opinion one of the most amazing beaches in Greece, and it is a must when you visit Lefkada. If you never have been to Lefkada, you have surely seen pictures from Porto Katsiki anyway. The view of the beach is breathtaking, and the water is just as blue in real life as on photo.

The sights on Lefkada are few in the absence of the beautiful scenery and the beautiful archipelago. There are no temples or other ancient monuments that you have to see. Perhaps it is just as well, then there will be more time for swimming and sunbathing.

Lefkada is a typical charter island, few are independent travellers. If you travel independently it is easiest to book ahead. Most choices are in Vasilikim, Agios Nikitas and in Nidri.

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