Kokinokastro beach on Alonissos

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Kokinokastro is another one of a number of beautiful beaches on Alonissos. The beach is about halfway between Patitiri and Stena Vala.

Kokinokastro means "the red castle", after the Greek words kokino (red) and kastro (castle). It is believed that the ancient city of Ikos was situated here, today there is not much left of the city or the castle, some stone walls can be seen on one of the cliffs, it is not much more than that.

The beach - which consists of sand and pebbles - lies next to a red-coloured cliff that juts out into the water. Here's one cantina. It had been perfect with a taverna since it is a very nice place.

After Kokinokastro lies the beach of Tzortzi Gialos.

View of Kokinokastro.

View of Kokinokastro. A larger picture is here »

Tzortzi Gialos and Kokinokastro.

The beaches Tzortzi Gialos and Kokinokastro (behind the rock).

Kokinokastro red beach. Alonissos.

Kokinokastro is about halfway between Patitiri and Stena Vala.

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