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Amoudi beach in Amorgos

Amoudi beach is one of Amorgos' least known beaches that is possible to reach without a boat. The beach is just a stone's throw from its more famous cousin Mouros beach.


Amoudi beach. Amorgos.

Amoudi beach.



It took me many years before I gave Amoudi a chance, even though I had driven past the signpost pointing to the beach many times. I had believed (incorrectly as it turned out) that the hike down to the beach would take a long time. But when I was on Amorgos one year was told that it only took 30 minutes to walk down. So me and Camilla drove there and, sure enough, it only took 30 minutes to walk down.


Swim at Amoudi beach in Amorgos.

Amoudi beach is surrounded by stunning water.

It felt like a piece of cake to walk, not at least for the amazing view over the big blue that was in front of us the whole hike. Going up is not a piece of cake, the hike is quite strenuous, but do not take much longer than 30 minutes. The path to Amoudi starts along the road that leads to Arkesini.


Amoudi beach. Amorgos.

Amoudi beach is located near the village Arkesini. The beach is well signposted.


The beach is tiny and the sea is huge. In that way one can describe Amoudi. There are also some stones and rocks to dive from, and to sunbathe on. It is an ideal place for those who like to snorkel, and for those who like to skinny-dip.


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