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Georgioupolis east of Chania in Crete

Georgioupolis is one of Crete's most popular tourist resorts, many Scandinavian tourists returns here year after year. What attracts tourists is the extremely long and child-friendly sandy beach that extends so far east that you can not see the end of it. Another advantage of Georgioupolis is that it is quite close to both Chania and Rethymnon if you want to make an excursion.


The Almyros river that flows out of Georgioupolis in Crete.

The Almyros river that flows out of Georgioupolis.



If you arrive from the direction of Chania, you first cross a bridge over a river called Almyros. Many fishing boats bobs up and down in the river mouth as a proof of that the village is still an important fishing port. To the left after the bridge there is a parking lot where you can park your car. It is here that Georgioupolis begins, as well as the long long beach.


The shallow and child-friendly beach in Georgioupolis.  Crete.

The shallow and child-friendly beach in Georgioupolis. Agios Nikolaos is visible to the right in the picture.


A pier at the beginning of the beach leads to the small chapel of Agios Nikolaos, which is something of a landmark of Georgioupolis. The chapel looks like a white dot to the right in the picture above. The pier and the chapel is a popular outing destination.

There are many hotels, some are really flashy, and several restaurants along the seafront. You can walk up into the village itself from the seafront. You will find tavernas, cafes, ouzeries, grocery shops, clothing shops, scooter and car rental places and other things along the streets.


The waterfront with restaurants and hotels in Georgioupolis. Crete.

The waterfront in Georgioupolis.


Everyone will sooner or later end up in the big square, which is Georgioupolis' heart. The square is ringed by tavernas, cafes and bars, as well as some gyros places. The square revive in the evening, then the square is closed to all car traffic and people are streaming in to watch and to be watched, have a drink or maybe eat some food.


Tavernas and restaurants at the square in Georgioupolis. Crete.

The square in Georgioupolis is closed to traffic in the evening.



I have not stayed overnight in Georgioupolis so I can not recommend any accommodation. However, I have received tips about a fantastic pension located above Georgioupolis, in the small village of Exopoli. The pension is called Alkion, and I would love to stay there for a few nights.

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Georgioupolis is located about 45 kilometres east of Chania, and about 25 kilometres west of Rethymnon.

The major attraction near Georgioupolis is Lake Kournas, which is Crete's largest lake. It is about 4 kilometres to the lake, some choose to walk, you can also go by tourist train from Georgioupolis, and of course you can use your own vehicle.


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