Drogarati cave in Kefalonia

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I have visited many caves in Greece, as often as I have been disappointed, I have been pleasantly surprised. Drogarati Cave - three kilometres south of Sami - belong to the latter category. I have never before been so overwhelmed by a cave, first and foremost of the cave's size, but also of the many impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Since my visit to Drogarati cave, I have seen more impressive caves, mostly in Crete. But I still keep this cave as one of the most majestic I've visited.

The cave's depth is 95 meters, a slippery flight of steps winds down to an impressive chamber that is 65x45 meters in size. Down there, it's humid and a little cold, heavy water drops falls from the ceiling, the drops slowly slowly builds up the stalagmites down on the floor. (A good way to remember which is which, is that the stalaCtites has C for "ceiling" and stalaGmites has G for "ground".)

Thanks to the cave's unique acoustic, concerts are held here each summer. The cave is open daily 09:00 to 19:00. Entrance is about 5 €.

The stairs down to the Drogarati cave.

The stairs down to the Drogarati cave.

Drogarati grotta. Kefalonia.

Drogarati cave.

Drogarati cave. Kefalonia.

Drogarati cave is located about three kilometers south of the village of Sami.

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