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Pollonia in Milos

Pollonia, or Apollonia, lies opposite the island of Kimolos, as far northeast as you can get on Milos. The distance between Adamas and Pollonia is about 10 kilometres. It is in the highest degree a vibrant fishing village and the island's second most important tourist area after Adamas. The beach is long and lined with shady tamarisk trees. I know many families with children who choose to stay in Pollonia instead of Adamas, and the main reason is the child-friendly beach.


The beach of Pollonia on Milos in the Cyclades.

The beach in Pollonia.


The village is divided into two parts and is separated by the fine sandy beach. To the left (if you face the sea) are most of the hotels and guest houses, to the right are the port, tavernas, restaurants, shops and car rental companies. It is a comfortable walking distance between the two "villages".


The village of Pollonia on Milos is divided into two parts and is separated by the fine, child-friendly sandy beach,

Pollonia is divided into two parts and is separated by the fine sandy beach in the middle of the picture.


Good restaurants and tavernas along the port promenade in Pollonia on Milos.

Tavernas in Pollonia.

The fine church of Agia Paraskevi and the cosy port of Pollonia.

The fine church of Agia Paraskevi and the cosy port of Pollonia.


There are many good pensions and tavernas in the village. Many of the tavernas have a wonderful location at the waterfront, and it is a pleasure to be there and have a superb dinner. Armenaki Fish Tavern is considered by many to be the best restaurant in the whole of Milos. I do not know if it's true, I have not eaten at all restaurants, but it is a sure thing that Armenaki belongs to one of the best. And if you like to eat fresh fish, you should absolutely go here.


Armenaki Fish Taverna in Pollonia on Milos.

Armenaki Fish Taverna is located at the red arrows.


Tavernas and restaurants near the beach in Pollonia.

Almost everything is located near the beach in Pollonia.

Taverns in Pollonia serving child-friendly food.

One of the restaurants has menus that look like children's books.


Pollonia is the most child-friendly village on Milos.

It's hard to get closer to the sea than this.


Cafes and bars in Pollonia on Milos.

People like to sit for a long time and enjoy the tavernas in Pollonia.

The ferry to Kimolos start out from the jetty to the right. This almost forgotten island is just waiting to be discovered. Kimolos has about 900 permanent inhabitants, the majority works in agriculture or fishing. Tourism is still in its infancy, foreign tourists that stays overnight are rare, the few that visit Kimolos goes on a day trip from Milos.


The car ferry between the port of Pollonia and the port of Psathi on Kimolos runs frequently.

The car ferry that runs between Psathi on Kimolos and the port of Pollonia.


If you have a day to spare, I can really recommend an excursion to Kimolos. Rent a car or moped and go over with the car ferry to the port of Psathi. You have time to see the whole island in one day, stroll around the nice alleys of Chorio, marvel at the old castle and maybe swim on one of the beaches.


Don't miss a boat trip to Milos' neighboring island of Kimolos when you travel to Pollonia.

The cosy village of Psathi on Kimolos.



There are surprisingly many hotels and pensions in Pollonia. It is probably because Pollonia is becoming more popular every year, not least among families with children. I don't recommend coming unbooked to Pollonia, it's best to book in advance, as it is pretty much everywhere in Greece these days. Below are suggestions for good hotels and pensions in Pollonia.


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Don't miss the spectacular water caves of Papafragas when you visit Pollonia.

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