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Sarakiniko beach in Milos

Sarakiniko, about 4 kilometres north of Adamas, is a bathing-place with rocks which is not only one of the archipelago's most particular places, Sarakiniko is also one of the most seductively inviting bathing-place in Greece.


Sarakiniko in Milos is a unique place in Greece.

Sarakiniko is a unique place in Greece.



At first glance, one can resemble Sarakiniko with a lunar landscape which is covered in gleaming snow. The rocks have been created by eruption, and then the elements have shaped these peculiar creations.


The small beach of Sarakiniko in Milos.

The small beach of Sarakiniko.


In an inlet lies a minimal sandy beach, but it's not the beach that attracts people, it is the adjacent rocks that are Sarakiniko's greatness. Add some lagoons, a few caves, a rocky island, crystal clear water and you will have the ultimate bathing-place with rocks.

It is most fun to discover Sarakiniko's coastline from an air mattress, preferably with a snorkel and mask. The only downside of Sarakiniko is that there is no taverna.


The unique coastline at Sarakiniko in  Milos.

The unique coastline at Sarakiniko.


Nowdays the local bus from Adamas runs almost all the way down to Sarakiniko, and it is a good thing, because before it was a long way to walk down to the beach from the main road. But still the easiest way to get here is by private car or scooter.

If you do a boat trip around Milos the boat stops here.


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