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Psili Ammos beach on Patmos

Psili Ammos beach is the absolute best beach of Patmos. The beach is located on the southern part of the island and is unfortunately a bit tricky to get to. If it had been easier to get to Psili Ammos, the beach would have been exploited. So it is, after all, positive that it is not possible to drive here.

Psili Ammos beach on South Patmos in the Dodecanese.

Psili Ammos beach on southern Patmos.


The easiest option is to go by boat from the port in Skala. The boat trip takes about an hour one way. The other option requires a small hike of about 30 minutes. If you choose the latter option, you drive to Diakofti by car or moped. Where the beach in Diakofti ends, the path begins over the mountain that goes to Psili Ammos beach.


The beach of Diakofti on Patmos where the path to Psili Ammos begins.

The beach in Diakofti where the path to Psili Ammos begins. (The beach is rubbish.)


Walking from Diakofti beach to Psili Ammos takes about 30 minutes. There is also a bathing boat to the beach from the port in Skala.

On a hike to Psili Ammos beach. Diakofti in the background.

Psili Ammos means "fine sand" in Greek. It might be good to know, because if you see a beach called Psili Ammos on a map, you know it's a sandy beach. (Psili Ammos is sometimes spelled with an m: Psili Amos.)


There are no sunbeds or umbrellas for rent in Psili Ammos, but there are many shady tamarisk trees.

The beach is lined with huge tamarisk trees.


As you now understand, Psili Ammos on Patmos is a sandy beach, and a very good one. The beach consists of white fine-grained sand and really invites you to swim. There are no sunbeds or umbrellas for hire, but there are many huge tamarisk trees that provide much needed shade.


Psili Ammos Greek Taverna on Patmos in Greece.

Psili Ammos Greek Taverna in the far part of the beach.


In the far part of the beach, where the beach boat docks, is the beach's only taverna. The tavern is called "Psili Ammos Greek Tavern" and is in itself worth the walk here. The taverna, located under some of the giant tamarisk trees, has tables directly in the sand. The food is very good and the location so good that you are happy to stay seated for a long time.


Eat delicious Greek small dishes at Psili Ammos Greek Taverna on Patmos.

Table with a view at Psili Ammos Greek Taverna.


Toilets and showers at Psili Ammos beach on the island of Patmos in Greece.

The taverna photographed through a mirror in the toilet. :-)


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