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Diros caves in Peloponnese

Diros caves are undoubtedly Mani's main attraction. The caves, which are also called Vlychada caves, are located about 11 kilometres south of Aeropoli, below the village of Pirgos Dirou. You get here with your own vehicle, or by excursion bus from Agios Nikolaos, Stoupa, Kardamili and Kalamata. You can also take a taxi from Aeropoli. If you're going here independently, it's best to arrive as early as possible because it gets very crowded when the tour buses arrive, and then you may have to queue for a long time to enter the caves.

Diros is one of Greece's largest caves and lakes. Don't miss it if you are in the Peloponnese.

Here begins the boat trip into the cave system.


Diros Caves have been known since the end of the 19th century, but it was only in 1949 that the caves began to be explored, and in 1960 they were opened to the public. What makes this cave so special is that it is located below the surface of the water, and as a visitor you go by boat through parts of the cave system. To date, 14,700 meters of routes have been mapped, but as a visitor you only get to see a small part of the cave.


Diros caves are undoubtedly Mani's biggest attraction. The caves, which are also called Vlychada caves, are located approximately 11 kilometers south of Aeropoli.

By boat through the Diros caves. (It is difficult to photograph in the dark.)


It starts with a boat ride of 1,200 meters and ends with 300 meters on foot, before coming out into reality again. During the tour, both by boat and on foot, you pass lots of awesome stalactites and other strange cave formations.

The water depth fluctuates between 2-80 meters. The water temperature is around 14 degrees, and the air temperature between 16-19 degrees. The water in the cave is brackish.


Diros and Vlychada caves in the southern Peloponnese.

Diros caves.

Is Diros cave worth a visit? I have been to many caves in Greece, many live up to their reputation, while others do not. Diros cave is one of those that I can really recommend. Taking a boat ride through a cave is not the norm. I only know of one similar cave in Greece, and that is Melissani lake in Kefalonia. he cave in Melissani lake is fantastic, but tiny compared to Diros cave.


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The cave is open every day between 08.30-15.00 in low season and 08.30-17.30 in high season. It's best to check the times before you drive there, as they can change. Admission costs around €12 for adults, and €8 for children between 3-18 years. Children under three enter for free. If the water level is high, the boats cannot make the whole route, and then it costs about €7 to enter (for adults). For current prices and opening hours, you can check their website.


Go by boat through the caves and lakes of Diros in the Peloponnese.

You get the best experience if you sit at the front.


Expect around 25 minutes for the entire tour (boat and on foot). The boats are small and a bit wobbly. A life jacket is mandatory and is of course available to borrow. Please bring a warm sweater as it can be a bit chilly inside the cave. There is a cafe and a souvenir shop at the entrance.


Pyrgos Dirou beach near Diros cave in the Peloponnese.

Pyrgos Dirou beach located near the caves.


You will be photographed sitting in the boat, whether you like it or not. You can then buy the pictures near the exit for around €5. Should you fancy a swim after the cave tour, you can take a dip on the adjacent beach.







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