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Paxi in Greece

Paxi in Swedish.

Paxi, or Paxos, is located in the Ionian Islands. The Ionian Islands consists of twelve inhabited islands, in the far north is Corfu and in the south is Zakynthos. Paxi is just south of Corfu, not far from the famous tourist resort Parga, on the Greek mainland.


Paxi in Greece.

The very beautiful village of Gaios in Paxi.



Paxi has about 2,300 inhabitants, spread over three villages, and some smaller communities. The capital and port of Paxos is Gaios with 500 residents. The area is 30 km2 and the highest mountain - Agios Isavros - measuring 250 meters above sea level.

It is mainly British tourists who go to Paxi to enjoy the cosy atmosphere, the beautiful nature, the walking friendly landscape and the charming capital of Gaios. If you are on a holiday in Parga, I can highly recommend a day trip to Paxi. There are several boats each morning that departs from Parga town.


Gaios. Paxi.Paxos.

Waterfront promenade in Gaios.



It is easiest to go by air to Corfu, which is the only island that has regular boat connections with Paxi. Another option is to go by air to Preveza on the mainland, take a bus or taxi to Parga, and then continue by excursion or taxi boat.

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The bus runs regularly from Gaios to Loggos and Lakka. Car and moped rental service are available in Gaios. Excursion boats to Antipaxi, Blue Cave and Parga start out from the port of Gaios


Tavernas in Gaios. Paxos.

One of the many cozy tavernas in Gaios.


Paxi pride upon three villages: Gaios, Loggos and Lakka. All are small and beautiful. Gaios (see photo on top) is, with its ochre-coloured house, great charm and pleasant atmosphere, one of the most charming villages in the Ionian Islands. Even the small tourist resorts of Loggos and Lakka are attractive and picturesque. Near to Lakka are two beaches: Harami beach and Monodendri beach.


The waters around Paxi and Antipaxi are known to be among the brightest in the Ionian Sea. The beaches are small and consist mostly of pebbles. Many are not easy to get to and are accessible only by bathing boat. There are also several spectacular rocks to swim from, unfortunately, even those are hard to reach.


Antipaxi beach.

The amazing water at Antipaxi.



If you go with one of the excursion boats, you can follow the dramatic coastline where there are limestone-like rocks, artistically designed rocks and numerous of caves.


Blue Cave in Paxi island.

The entrance to the Blue Cave in Paxi.


One of these caves is called Blue Cave, and it is really fantastic. The excursion boats usually "park" in the cave, and then it is only to jump into the lovely water. The finest beaches are, however, on the neighbouring island of Antipaxi, where there are three beaches with bright blue water. It is possible to stay overnight on Antipaxi.


Paxos. Blue Cave.

It's really cool to swim inside the cave.


If you are in Parga, do not miss a boat trip to Paxi and Antipaxi. I promise it will be a memory for life.


The beautiful scenery and Blue Cave are the two main attractions.


Most hotels lies in Gaios. There are also some to choose from in Loggos and Lakka. Best is to reserve in advance.

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