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Ancient Arkesini in Amorgos

Ancient Arkesini is one of the oldest settlements on Amorgos and is located on a rock below the village of Vroutsi. The city was built inaccessible as protection against pirates. Ancient Arkesini was founded in antiquity and was one of the three largest villages on Amorgos. It was inhabited from the 7th century BC. until Byzantine times. Ancient Arkesini had strategic importance as a port city and trading centre and played an important role in trade with other islands.


Ancient Arkesini on Amorgos in the Cyclades.

View from Ancient Arkesini.


The exact reason why Ancient Arkesini was abandoned is not fully known, but it is believed to be a combination of factors such as natural disasters, pirate attacks and changes in trade routes. After being abandoned, the village gradually fell into disrepair.


The sunset in Ancient Arkesini seen from Minoa in Katapola on Amorgos.

Ancient Arkesini is visible under the white arrow. The picture is from Minoa.


Today, Ancient Arkesini is an interesting historical site that offers visitors the opportunity to explore the ruins and get a glimpse of the ancient life on Amorgos. Visiting the abandoned village brings a sense of mystery and provides an opportunity to delve into the rich history of the island of Amorgos.


View from Ancient Arkesini on Amorgos.

View from Ancient Arkesini.

Ancient Arkesini is now in ruins as I said, and there is not much left to see. But the beautiful hike and the nice view from there still makes the place worth seeing. I would say that this is a place you should see when you are on Amorgos, but it must be in good weather, in other words it should not be to windy.

To get to Ancient Arkesini you first go to Vroutsi, by bus or by private vehicle. In the centre of the village there is a sign saying Kastri, follow the arrows and the trail in about 50 minutes and then you will arrive at this magical place.


Hike to Ancient Arkesini from the village of Vroutsi on Amorgos.

The hike starts in the village Vroutsi. Just follow the sign to the right.


Ancient Arkesini had been a worth seeing place even if it was not an old city. It is easy to stay here for a long time and philosophize about life and times long past. Bring food and drink, or you can eat at the cosy taverna in Vroutsi. Do not be misled by the name Ancient Arkesini, it is not located where today's village of Arkesini is located, but below the village of Vroutsi.


During the walk to the ancient village of Arkesini from the village of Vroutsi on Amorgos, you pass the Agios Ioannis Church.

On a hike from Vroutsi to Ancient Arkesini. The church name is Agios Ioannis.


Hiking to Ancient Arkesini in Amorgos.

Hiking to Ancient Arkesini. The ancient settlement is visible on the cliff straight ahead.

Churches, chapels and monasteries on Amorgos. The church in Ancient Arkesini is called Panagia Kastriani.

Soon we will arrive in Ancient Arkesini. The church name is Panagia Kastriani.


In Ancient Arkesini on Amorgos you can sit for a long time and philosophize about life and bygone times.

Arrived in Ancient Arkesini and we enjoy the meditative view.


Nearby is also one of Amorgos' least known attractions: Agia Triada Tower. Agia Triada Tower is a rather unknown sight on Amorgos. The tower was built in the 4th century BC as protection for those who lived in Ancient Arkesini. It is built of large stones and is very impressive. At the bottom left is a person who is very small, then you understand how big Agia Triada is. Agia Triada Tower is located near Arkesini village in southern Amorgos.


Agia Triada Tower near the village of Arkesini on Amorgos in the Cyclades.

Agia Triada Tower located near the village of Arkesini.




Don't miss the cosy village of Arkesini when you travel to the island of Amorgos in Greece.

Do not miss the present village of Arkesini, which you can read about here »


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