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The abandoned village of Chorio on Chalki

The today uninhabited village of Chorio was formerly the capital of Chalki. Chorio had about 3,000 inhabitants during its heyday. Chorio was abandoned during the 19th century when the villagers moved down to Emborio. Pirates had then stopped plaguing the islands in the Dodecanese and people could live by the coast again. Most of the buildings in Chorio are ruined today, only a few houses - and one church - are renovated. If you have visited the abandoned village of Mikro Chorio (see link below) on Tilos, you will recognize yourself.


The road from Emborio to Pondamos beach, Kastro and Chorio on the island of Chalki in Greece.

Pondamos beach on the left and Kastro and Chorio below the arrow.


Boulevard Tapoon Springs Florida that goes from Emborio to Chorio on Chalki.

Boulevard Tapoon Springs Florida that runs from Emborio to Chorio.


Above the village stands an impressive medieval castle (Kastro) built by the Knights of Saint John in the 15th century. From the fortress, the inhabitants had a clear view of the sea routes and were able to spot pirates who ravaged the area at the time. The castle stand at an altitude of 160 metres above sea level and it takes between 10-15 minutes to climb up there from Chorio.


The uninhabited village of Chorio and the medieval fortress of Kastro on Chalki.

The uninhabited village of Chorio and the hilltop medieval castle.


In the past, there was a "kastro" on many islands, but unfortunately most of them are now ruined and uninhabited. Today, the best preserved are found on Antiparos, Astypalea, Folegandros, Kimolos and Sifnos.

Archaeological excavations on the island of Chalki in the Dodecanese. Tombs and Roman sarcophagi.

Below Chorio are these tombs that look like sarcophagi.


It is an easy hike to Chorio and it takes about 40 minutes to walk from Emborio. The entire hike goes along a paved road that bears the pompous name Boulevard Tapoon Springs Florida. When sponge fishing was not so profitable anymore, many residents of Chalki chose to emigrate. In 1911 many islanders moved to Tapoon Springs in Florida. They had a strong bond with their home island and paid for the road that got the pompous name. Even today, descendants of those who moved have strong ties with Chalki.


Walking to Chorio on Chalki takes about 40 minutes.

This is how tired - and happy - you look after a 40-minute hike to Chorio in the heat.


You can continue the hike down to the sea from Chorio. We have never done that, much due to the fact that Chalki is an extremely barren island and therefore there is almost no shade. In the picture below you can see the path down to the sea and the coastline of Chalki. To me, the coastline is similar to the coastline at Agia Anna on Amorgos.


The stretch of coast after the uninhabited village of Chorio on Chalki is similar to Amorgos.

The coastline after the uninhabited village of Chorio on Chalki...


The coast after Agia Anna on Amorgos looks like the coast after the uninhabited village of Chorio on Chalki.

...is similar to the coastline after Agia Anna on Amorgos. But the other way around. :-)


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