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Milia Mountain Retreat in Crete

Milia Mountain Retreat is a unique place in Crete, and a visit to the small "village" will be a memory for life. I promise.


In Milia on Crete, many things are forbidden, but sleeping is allowed.

In Milia, many things are forbidden, but sleeping is allowed. :-)


Milia is literally located at the end of the road, and that is the thing about Milia. The village is generally called "the eco-village". That's partly true. True is that almost everything served at the restaurant is organic and locally produced. But false is that Milia is a village. It's a hotel. But it doesn't matter, Milia feels like a village, though a very small one.


Rent a house in Milia in Crete.

The house we rented when we stayed in Milia.



The road to Milia is in good condition, except for the last kilometres which is a narrow and winding dirt road. It's not fun to meet another car on the last distance. To drive when it is dark is not recommended. However, I recommend you to keep an eye out for griffon vultures, which are common in this area. From the parking lot it is about 150 metres to walk to the "village".

Please go here for lunch, the food is absolutely fantastic. Even better is to stay overnight, or why not a couple of nights. It will be a lifetime experience. There are no roads, and therefore no motor vehicles, there are no TVs, no refrigerators in the rooms, no AC, no shops and sparse electricity.


Milia Mountain Retreat Restaurant  in Crete.

Milia Mountain Retreat Restaurant in the evening.

All meals are eaten at the only taverna. The breakfast buffet consists of a table laden with homemade products. You cannot stop eating, there is so much good food. Many of their products are available for purchase, including their jam, olive oil, wine and various pickles. Only that makes it worth travelling here.

There is nothing to do in Milia except idle, read books, hike (there are many hiking trails), as well as eat very good food and drink good wine. Milia is the perfect place for anyone who just want to live in the moment. The evenings are enchanting. After a good dinner by candlelight, you slowly stroll home to your little stone house. There are no street lights along the way, but for that reason it is not completely dark, the sky is lit by trillions of stars. When we were here, we lay in each deckchair on a roof and looked up at the sky for hours. We have never seen anything like it.


Stargazing and shooting star. Milia Mountain Retreat. Crete.

Stargazing in Milia.



Milia is located 55-60 kilometres from Chania, depending on which route you choose to drive. On the way to Milia, you pass through the Topolia Gorge, which is one of the most beautiful gorges in Chania regional unit. After the gorge is the interesting cave church of Agia Sofia located.


Milia Mountain Retreat in Crete.

Milia Mountain Retreat.


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