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Agios Pavlos in southern Crete

Agios Pavlos is located about 50 kilometres south of Rethymno, but the difference between them is so big that Agios Pavlos might as well be located on the moon.

Agios Pavlos is as close to virgin land as you can get. Here is so calm and quiet that you almost do not think it is true. Add to that an amazing scenery and a couple of incredible beaches and you have the perfect haven. It's no wonder that there is a yoga centre in Agios Pavlos.

Agios Pavlos in southern Crete.

Agios Pavlos. It is not bigger than this.



The village is tiny and there is only a few buildings, most of them houses pensions or tavernas. There are no streets, nor are there any real shops, if you would like to shop away, you have to do it elsewhere. But there is a minimarket with quite a good selection.

Below the village is a pretty okay sandy beach. The best beaches are about 10 minutes walk away. To get there, you aim at the high sand dunes after the village beach. There are two sandy beaches with a location so beautiful that it cannot be described, it must be seen. To get down to the beaches you have to slide down a steep sand dune.


One of the beaches in Agios Pavlos. Crete.

One of the beaches in Agios Pavlos.


To feel the soul of Agios Pavlos, you should stay overnight. To sit at the Taverna Agios Pavlos and see the warming sun go down behind the crocodile-like rock formation is absolutely marvellous.

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"Big beach" in Agios Pavlos  in southern Crete.

"Big beach" in Agios Pavlos.


The second beach of the page and the beaches in the picture above are separated by a headland from where you can see all the way to Triopetra, which is also a forgotten paradise. Don't miss this treasure in southern Crete.

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