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Christos Raches in Ikaria

From Armenistis it is just five kilometres to Christos Raches via a well-paved road. The village - which is the main village of the municipally - has about 360 inhabitants and it lies in a lush area about 500 metres above sea level.


Christos Raches. Ikaria.

One of the stone portals in Christos Raches.



Christos Raches was previously mentioned because everything in the village was closed during daytime. The shops, tavernas and cafes opened up after the sunset. It is no longer like that, at least have almost everything been open when we have visit the village.

The village is dominated by a pleasant and lively square which is accessed via narrow pedestrianized streets covered with slate. Many of the houses are also covered with slate. Every street that leads into the village is adorned with a stone portal. Around the square lies tavernas, cafes and shops.


Café in Christos Raches. Ikaria.

Cozy square in Christos Raches.

There are many goats in the area of Christos Raches. It is not uncommon to see dead goats hanging in the trees outside the village, nor that it hangs dead goats outside the shops in the village. In former years it was common to see people with backpacks made of goats. So, if you like goats this is the place to go to.


Tavernas in Christos Raches. Ikaria.

Christos Raches is a must if you stay in Armenistis.


If you walk the whole hiking trail "The Round of Raches On Foot" you will pass through Christos Raches.


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