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Armenistis in Ikaria

Armenistis, the crown jewel of Ikraia, is a picturesque little coastal village with around 130 inhabitants. The number goes up considerably during the summer, because Armenistis is Ikaria's main "tourist resort". For safety's sake I write "tourist resort" within quotation marks, because it is not a tourist resort in the common sense of word. We are on Ikaria, after all.


Armenistis seen from Valeta studios in Ikaria.

Armenistis seen from Valeta studios. Livadi beach to the left.



Undoubtedly, it is here where most of the foreign tourists stay, and certainly there is both souvenir shops, travel agencies and strategically located tavernas, but still I do not see Armenistis as a tourist resort. It is too unruly Greek to make me feel like a tourist. Well, it's hard to explain what it is, I can only hope that you will understand what I mean when you come here.

There are three reasons why Armenistis is the most popular village on Ikaria: the beaches of Livadi and Messakti, as well as the popular hiking trail "Round of Raches On Foot". If it had not been for these circumstances, Armenistis would have been stuck to its last: a small fishing village by the sea.


Harbour Street in Armenistis. Ikaria.

The tiny beach and 'Harbour Street' in Armenistis.

Where Livadia beach ends, Armenistis begins. Here are a few pensions with great views, a bakery and a bus stop. The bakery is also a café. At the bakery's outdoor terrace, both villagers and tourists enjoy themselves with coffee and views. Shortly after the bakery is a bridge across a ravine. In the spring, if it has rained a lot, there is water flowing in the ravine. Then it is not unusual to see turtles and water snakes along the ravine.

Where the bridge ends the road forks. The road straight ahead goes through the village and then continues to Nas, which is the next village. If you go to the right at the intersection you get to "harbour street", on the way down towards the water you pass travel agencies, a dried up boat where you can buy books, the tavernas Paskalia and Delfini, as well as some souvenir shops. Along the seafront are several tavernas and a Supermarket.

In the upper part of Armenistis there is a supermarket, bicycle and scooter rental places, a gyros place, some tavernas and quite a few pensions. However, there is no bank, but there is an ATM.


Taverna Paskalia.  Armenistis. Ikaria.

The Taverna Paskalia is located on both sides of the road.



To eat at any of the tavernas at the seafront are naturally attractive, and they are all good, but Paskalia and Delfini are probably the two best. Taverna Paskalia have tables on both sides of the road. They serves excellent food at low prices, not only that, the food is served by, what could be, the island world's nicest and happiest taverna owner, he is called Haris and is a phenomenon as a cheerful soul, one will be happy just to see him.


Delfini Taverna and The small beach in Armenistis on Ikaria.

The small beach in Armenistis.


Taverna Delfini lies below Paskalia. The treatment is different here, you might say a little distant, but for that reason it is not inhospitable, in a way it is just like Ikaria. The food is amazing, try their meat, it comes from the owners' own farm and tastes good. The view is not bad either. Come early, it is almost always full up. By the way, below the taverna is a small beach that is okay. (Delfini were closed parts of summer 2018. Hope they will open again.)


In Armenistis you can choose to stay in the village itself, or above the beaches of Livadia and Messakti. We use to stay at Valeta Studios at the far end of Livadia beach.


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