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Nas in Ikaria

It is about 3½ kilometres from Armenistis to Nas, just the right distance if you want to stretch your legs, over and above that you get wonderful views of the sea. Nas is, just like Armenistis, adapted for tourists, there are several tavernas and pensions, pottery shops and scooter rental places. The village, which is actually called Kato Raches, is small (50 inhabitants) and is built along terraces above the sea.


Annas Fish Taverna in Nas on Ikaria.

Annas Fish Taverna in Nas.



The view from some of the tavernas are formidable. My favourite is Anna's Fish Taverna just at the beginning of the village. Anna is full of fun and a very nice woman, moreover she is an ace at cooking good Greek food. Do try her moussaka, it is so fantastic that it makes my mouth water when I write about it. Something extra special is the nice views. It is easy to be seated here for a long time with a good book, or in all simplicity just laze away time and enjoy the great views.

The best about Nas is - besides Anna's Fish Taverna - the river Halaris (Chalares) that flows out at the beach, and sometimes all the way out into the sea, then the river divide the beach in the middle. If not, the water from the river forms a fresh water lake just before the beach. What's so good about it? Well, let me tell you. You can follow the river further up in the mountains. It is easiest if you go down via the gravel road above the river. Along the river are several freshwater lakes and some waterfalls.


One of the freshwater lakes above Nas in Ikaria.

One of the freshwater lakes above Nas.


It is possible to swim in the lakes. Many do so, some takes the nature seriously and bathe in the altogether in the river. I have never seen any violins, so the real neck may not have found its way to Ikaria yet. The scenery belongs to the most beautiful you can experience on Ikaria, and that is saying a great deal since there are many beautiful sceneries on Ikaria. Several hikes starts from Nas.


The beach and the river Halaris below Nas in Ikaria.

Nas beach and the river Halaris below Nas.


Many steps leads down from the village to Nas beach. The beach is quite small and pebbly. But it is beautiful and you can jump from the rocks. The beach is popular with nudists, but also non nudists are welcome. Above the beach are the ruins of a temple dedicated to the goddess Artemis. It is said that the temple is from 600 BC. Not much to see since so little of the temple itself remains.


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