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Manganitis in Ikaria

Usually, must-do's is something you do not want when you are on vacation, but sometimes you have to make exceptions, and Manganitis is such an exception.

There are several reasons: that the village is so isolated, that the distance to get there is so remarkable, that the surrounding mountains are so scenically impressive, that the taverna in the port is so very cute, that the beach before the village is called Seychelles (just such a thing), and that you drive through a tunnel.


The small port of Manganitis in Ikaria.

The cute little port in Manganitis.



Far into the bay lies a taverna and a bar. The location could not be better. The menu is not much to boast about, not if you want to choose among different dishes. At least it was like that when we were here. We asked an old man who looked like he was working at the taverna what was on the menu, Pikelia was the answer. Nothing else. So we ordered a Pikelia for two. The old man rang a phone call, we heard him say: mia pikelia, dio atoma (one pikelia for two people).


The taverna in Manganitis. Ikaria.

The taverna in Manganitis.

In the meantime we were at the taverna (it was wonderful, quiet and peaceful, and the view over the sea was lovely) we heard him make the same call many times, everyone who ate at the taverna had Pikelia. That there was only one dish (which consists of many small dishes) did not do anything, we both had enough to eat and it tasted delicious.


Manganitis beach in Ikaria.



From the Seychelles there is about 3 kilometres to Manganitis. Here live about 160 people, most of them lives by fishing. The cute little port is well protected in a narrow bay surrounded by steep mountains. The port is not only used as a berthing place for boats, it is also used as a bathing place, for the Greeks I might add, they can go for a swim anywhere, as long there is water. :-) During high season there is a bathing boat between Manganitis and Seychelles.


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