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Palionisos beach in Kalymnos

Along the road to Emporios, a few kilometres after the little village of Skalia, there is a road that turns right. The road leads to Palionisos. It winds like an anaconda straight up in the mountains. The view in the opposite direction is magical. When you come to the church, I recommend you to turn off the engine (if you go by scooter), and slowly roll down in meditative silence.

The road to Palionisos in Kalymnos.

The road to Palionisos. Telendos on the left and Emporios on the right.


The road to Palionisos in Kalymnos.

The road to Palionisos.



At the first right curve, a hiking trail begins that leads to a cave called Sikati cave. The cave is a magnet for climbers and is big as a house. It has no ceiling and it is 50-60 meters in diameter, and at most 70 meters deep. It takes about 30-35 minutes to hike to the cave. I have not been there, unfortunately it was too hot when we were there. But I've seen pictures and the cave looks absolutely stunning, and I understand why it's so popular to climb there.


Sikati cave on the road to  Palionisos on Kalymnos.

Sikati cave is on the right in the picture, but unfortunately not visible.

Palionisos fjord in Kalymnos.

Palionisos fjord.


When one arrive at Palionisos, one is first struck by how lovely it is, and then - when one have seen how small it is - one wonders why on earth this incredible long winding road, which must have cost a fortune, has been constructed. Probably it is the EU that paid.


Palionisos beach on Kalymnos. There is plenty of shade under the tamarisk.

There is plenty of shade under the tamarisk.


I do not know whether to say thanks, or to complain. But now when the road is constructed, I decide to say thanks. Before the road was built, Palionisos was to say the least, isolated. You could go by beach boat from Rina in the Valley of Vathy, otherwise you had to have your own boat, or you had to go on a long hike.


Palionisos beach and taverna in Kalymnos.

Palionisos beach. One of the tavernas can be seen above the beach.


Palionisos lies in a long, very beautiful, fjord-like bay that beat the fjord-like inlet in the Valley of Vathy. As you understand, it is not Norwegian fjords I have in mind, they are much bigger. :-) The beach - which consists of small pebbles - are fabulously inviting. The water seams to call out: come and swim! That the surroundings are lovely, do not make things worse.



There is a taverna on each side of the beach: Taverna Ilias to the left, and Taverna Kalidonis to the right. Both offers excellent views of the bay.


The beach in Palionisos. Kalymnos.

The beach in Palionisos. One of the tavernas can be seen on the right.


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