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Rina and the Valley of Vathy on Kalymnos

Rina is the largest village in the stunning Valley of Vathy. The view overlooking the village and the valley is amazing if you arrive from Pothia. But it is almost as wonderful if you get there from the other direction, from Arginonta, so we come from that direction.


Profitis Elias is the highest mountain in Kalymnos and is located in the Vathy Valley.

Part of Vathy valley. Profitis Elias lies under the arrow at the top of the mountain.


The distance between Arginonta and Rina is about 15 kilometres long and goes along majestic mountains and deep valleys, and ends in a beautiful lush valley called Vathy. It is a big chance to see many birds of prey here. We have for example seen Short-toed snake eagle and Booted eagle, two pretty unusual predators.


Rent a bike and drive to Vathy valley on Kalymnos.

The only road in the Vathy valley is untrafficked to say the least.


When you come down to the valley, the road turns left. Shortly after you have turned left, you pass a dam. If you look up in the mountains, you see the small chapel of Profitis Elias. It is the highest peak on Kalymnos. One can not but wonder how on earth they could manage to build a chapel there. From here it is straight ahead to Rina, which is the last village in the valley. Before you reach the sea, you pass some small villages, and several gardens planted with various crops and fruits: mainly mandarins, lemons, tomatoes and grapes.


The small village of Platanos on Kalymnos and the plane tree that gave the village its name.

The small village of Platanos and the large plane tree that gave the village its name.


One of the small villages in the Valley of Vathy is Metochi that might not be so much to see. Apart from a few houses here is a church, quite nice in itself, and a large football field with a real stand. One will be really surprised to find such a large football field in such a small village. Who plays here? Metochi United? The next village is slightly larger and is called Platanos. In the middle of the road, in the "centre", grows a large plane tree that gave the village its name. To the left of the plane tree is a gas station and a small kafenion.


The large church in the small village of Platanos on Kalymnos.

The big church in the small village of Platanos.

The last village in the valley is, as said, Rina (or Rena). It's an extremely cute little fishing village with four five tavernas, some pensions and supermarkets, sponges sellers (of course) and a cosy waterfront promenade. There is also a small boatyard which is still running, and a considerable amount of old churches.


The fjord that leads into the village of Rina and the Vathy valley on Kalymnos in Greece.

The "fjord" that leads into the village of Rina.


A long slender inlet, looking like a fjord, leads from Rina out to the blue sea, where fishing boats and sailboats share the space with excursion boats from Kos. Where the fjord begins, is a quay with ladders. The water is lovely to swim in.


The port with tavernas in the village of Rina on Kalymnos.

The small port in Rina.


Good tavernas and restaurants in the port of Rina on Kalymnos in the Dodecanese archipelago.

Tavernas on the square in Rina.


The main street in Rina on Kalymnos is lined with restaurants, shops and cafes.

The main street in Rina.

Sail to the village of Rina via the fjord in the Vathy valley.

The sailing port in Rina.


Swim, dive and snorkel in Vathy fjord on Kalymnos.

Rina ends here and you just have to jump into the lovely sea.


The beach in Rina in the Vathy Valley on Kalymnos in the Dodecanese Islands.

It is easy to jump in the wayer from the stone pier in the fjord of Rina.


The cliff bath in Rina on Kalymnos is suitable for those who like to snorkel.

Rina is perfect for those who like to dive or jump into the water.


The view of Rina, the fjord and the Valley of Vathy is tremendously beautiful, and undoubtedly one of the most photographed spots on Kalymnos. Above the valley, along the road to Pothia, you can stop and be amazed by the view, and take one or two or more photos. If you are lucky, there is a sailboat heading into the fjord, and the painting becomes complete.


View of Rina and the Vathy Valley on Kalymnos in Greece.

The view of Rina and Vathy Valley if you come from Pothia.



Don't miss the beautiful fjord Palionisos when you are on Kalymnos.

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