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The increasingly popular resort of Skala lies almost as far south as you can get on Kefalonia. From Argostoli it is about 35 kilometres to Skala.

It is a quite large tourist resort with many tavernas, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. Skala is increasing in popularity thanks to the lovely beach that stretches for several kilometres along the coast. The beach consists of a mix of sand and gravel and is in places wide as a Roman legion. The beach in Skala certainly belong to one of the island's better beaches. Are you interested in history there is a Roman villa with mosaic floors a short distance outside the village. The villa - which was discovered in 1957 - is signposted from the village.

Many of the hotels are fully booked by package clients
, but there are still plenty of accommodation for those travelling independently. If you want to stay really close to the beach, and have a pool, the Paspalis Hotel is a perfect choice.

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Skala beach.

Skala beach.

The beach promenade in Skala.

The beach promenade in Skala.

Skala beach. Kefalonia.

The beach in Skala.

A few kilometres southwest of Skala lies two other nice beaches - Kaminia and Kato Katelios - both are well worth visiting.

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