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Mytilini in Lesvos

Mytilini is a big town with about 27,800 permanent inhabitants. A Greek town of that size usually offers hustle and bustle, and if that is what you are looking for, Mytilini will not disappoint you. Mytilini is chaotic, stressful and noisy. The traffic is more wild than tame, something you should think about before you drive into town by car. If you do not like such noisy towns, it's probably best to stay away from it. On the other hand, if you are fascinated by large Greek towns, you will love Mytilini.


The large horseshoe shaped port  in Mytilini, Lesvos.




The town sprawls from the large horseshoe shaped port up to a hill where a huge castle sits on a throne and keep guard over the town. The castle is one of the largest in the Mediterranean and dates back to the 13th century. Almost all bustle in the town is concentrated to the port and to the streets leading from the port. More or less the whole waterfront (which is the longest I have seen) is lined with cafes filled with youngsters. It is indeed apparent that Mytilini is a student town. Of course, there are not only cafes, the number of tavernas and ouzeris are countless.


Restaurants at the end of the harbor promenade in Mytilini. Lesvos.

Restaurants at the end of the harbor promenade in Mytilini.

Some of the best tavernas are located at the end of the waterfront, towards the airport. Many of them have fresh fish on the menu, something the fishing boats bobbing up and down in the water outside the tavernas are proof of. Polyteknos is one of several good tavernas, it is located first of the many restaurants.


Restaurants. Mytilini. Lesvos.

One of many very good tavernas along the harbor promenade.


Ermou, one block from the waterfront, is the main shopping street. The street is free of traffic and it's a real pleasure to stroll around and visit all the shops. There is everything from ouzo shops (of course) to flashy brand boutiques. Lesvos shop, selling local products, is located quite close to the port. To find the shopping street, just look for the town's most famous landmark - the church of Agios Therapon. The church is easy to recognize thanks to the beautiful domes that adorn the roof.


The main shopping street Ermou and the church of Agios Therapon in Mytilini.  Lesvos.

The main shopping street Ermou and the church of Agios Therapon in Mytilini.




I guess there are very few who choose to stay in Mytilini. But sometimes you have to, for example, if you arrive late by plane or ferry or if you are leaving Lesvos early in the morning. I have stayed in Mytilini once for such a reason. Lesvion Hotel is a good hotel from which it is close to both the port and the airport.

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