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Chora in Mykonos

Mykonos Town, or Chora as many say, are so beautifully designed that it almost feels unreal. I do not think that any other Greek village can match this architectural masterpiece. Certainly there are many beautiful little villages in Greece, but few come close to the dazzling beauty that meets you in Mykonos Town.


Mykonos Town and Chora in the Cyclades.

Little Venice and the windmills.


But decades of mass tourism have made imprints, there are no authentic marks left. Certainly there still are some Greek everyday life in miniature: sometimes a black-dressed old woman sits on a doorsteps, an old man with a donkey sells vegetables in the alleys early in the mornings and the fish market in the port is still in operation. Otherwise the commercial reality dominates, all premises that can be found houses some kind of tourist business.


Bars in Little Venice of Mykonos.

Little Venice in the other direction.


The labyrinthine alleys feels infinite, to not get lost is almost impossible, it only takes a few minutes before you are disorientated. But it does not matter, you will always find your way out somehow? All buildings are whitewashed annually, the streets are painted with white squares, many houses have steps leading up to colourful verandas where thirsty geraniums awaits water.


The labyrinthine alleys of Chora on Mykonos.

One of many narrow alleys in Mykonos Town.


Chora on Mykonos is one of the most beautiful villages in all of Greece.

Some alleys are so narrow that it is difficult to meet.

The absolutely most beautiful part of Mykonos Town is Little Venice with its beautiful houses with wooden verandas and balconies. Some windmills stands to the left of Little Venice, they are watching over the gathering of people and the tavernas. One of the windmills looks almost alive from the side, the straw on top looks like a hat and the small windows look like eyes. The view over Little Venice and the sea is magnificent from the windmills.


Great restaurants and tavernas in the Little Venice of Mykonos Town.

Little Venice.


Numerous of restaurants and bars are lining the seafront in Little Venice, the food do not tastes as good as it costs, but the surroundings are among the most charming you can imagine. The beautiful houses form a stylish background and the sea is so close that you can dip your feets from the chair. Of course the windmills above contribute to the fact that Little Venice feels like a magical place. In the evenings, Little Venice is filled with tourists having a drink or watching the famous sunset.


Windmills above Little Venice in Chora on Mykonos.

The proud windmills above Little Venice.


Little Venice waiting for the sunset.

Little Venice waiting for the sunset.


The sunset seen from Little Venice on Mykonos is one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades.

The sunset seen from Little Venice is breathtakingly beautiful.

Along the waterfront in the old port there are several bars perfect for people-watching. If you want to people-watch, there's hardly any better place to spend money. The Pelican Petros usually come by, hoping to steal something to eat. Behind the Town Hall in the port lies Nikos Taverna which is one of the nicest restaurants in town. The waiters are stressed like crazy and the atmosphere is hectic and fast-paced, but the food is good and the prices are almost normal.


Restaurants, tavernas and bars along the harbour promenade in Mykonos town.

The waterfront promenade in Mykonos Town.


Taverna Nikos in Chora on Mykonos is not as expensive as many other restaurants.

Taverna Nikos has been around since 1976.


If you like to eat gyros, you have several places to choose from in Mykonos Town.

If you like to eat gyros, you have several places to choose from in Mykonos Town.


The pelican Petros has just booked a table for tonight's dinner in Chora on Mykonos.

The pelican Petros has just booked a table for tonight's dinner.


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The night entertainments are almost unlimited and the selection of restaurants are huge, if you get tired of Greek food you can eat Italian, Chinese or why not Mexican. There are also a number of fast food places for those who are in a hurry or do not have so much money. Because it is usually expensive to dine out in Mykonos Town. Of course there are exceptions, but you must search before you find restaurants with normal prices. Mykonos is a top destination for a vivid nightlife and there is certainly many discotheques and bars that open late and close early in Mykonos Town.


Has Mykonos become far too popular, commercial and stuck in the clutches of mass tourism?

In the evening, the alleys get crowded.


Small cozy alleys in Chora on Mykonos.

As it is, there are alleys where there are fewer tourists.


In the fishing port of Mykonos town you can buy fresh fish and seafood.

The fishing port in Mykonos town.


One of many shopping streets in Chora on Mykonos.

One of many shopping streets in Chora on Mykonos.


If you like jewels and jewelry, you will love Mykonos.

If you like jewels and jewelry, you will love Chora.

The major attraction in Mykonos Town is, besides the village itself, the church of Panagia Paraportiani. In a Greek guidebook about Mykonos, you can read the following about the church: "The most photographed monument on the island and one of the most photographed churches in the world". When you read such a thing you naturally become very curious. Imagine that one of the most photographed churches in the world can be found in Mykonos. But, one must bear in mind that Greek-produced guidebooks are extremely subjective. True is that Paraportiani is one of the most popular churches to photograph in Mykonos, but hardly in the whole world, I'm sure it's low down on the list, even in Greece.


Church of Panagia Paraportiani in Mykonos Town.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani.


However, Panagia Paraportiani is a different and an architecturally interesting church. It is believed that the church was started to be built in the 15th century and that it later on has been enlarged. The church earlier stood at the entrance of a medieval castle. In actual fact, Panagia Paraportiani consists of five small chapels: Agios Sozontas, Agios Anargyroi, Agia Anastasia and Agios Efstathios, and the main church Paraportiani. The chapels and the church are so tightly joined that it looks like a single building.


Panagia Paraportiani as the sun sets on Mykonos.

Panagia Paraportiani at sunset.


The whitewashed building stands amazingly beautiful. A fantastic light shines over Panagia Paraportiani when the sun goes down, the colour shifts from white to light blue. The church is located in Kastro, behind the Town hall in Mykonos Town, close to Little Venice. Walk to the jetty where the boats to Delos departs and then follow the shoreline to the left, you can not miss it.

Mykonos' most common attraction is probably a sunset drink.

Mykonos' most common attraction is probably a sunset drink.


Island hopping to Ios, Paros, Santorini and Mykonos in the 1980s.

This is how I looked when I first came to Chora in 1982.


There are no beaches in Mykonos Town but it is close to several nice beaches. North of the capital lies Tourlos and Agios Stefanos, and to the south lies the beaches of Agios Ioannis, Ornos, Psarou and Platis Gialos.



We always stay in Mykonos Town when we visit Mykonos. Mainly because we enjoy to go out eating in town in the evenings, and that there is so much to see and do. During the day we make excursions to different beaches. Below are suggestions for good hotels. Be prepared for high prices.


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Don't miss Agios Stefanos beach when you travel to Chora on Mykonos.

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