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Agia Anna beach on Naxos

Agia Anna lies just a few hundred metres from Agios Prokopios. You just round the headland where Fotis Taverna is located and soon you see the beach of Agia Anna. In other words you only need to go on Shanks's pony.


Agia Anna beach on Naxos.

Agia Anna beach.


Agia Anna beach compete with Agios Prokopios and Plaka for the title of the island's best beach. Very rightly, Agia Anna is also a fantastic beach, not as long as Agios Prokopios, but with the same seductive water and inviting sand.


Good tavernas and restaurants at Agia Anna beach on Naxos.

There are several cozy restaurants along the beach.


The beach is lined with several pleasant tavernas and beach bars, some with tables placed directly in the sand, you hardly need to leave your sun bed for lunch or dinner, or a drink. It is a joy to sit here and gaze out over the sea.


Good bars and cafes along the beach in Agia Anna on Naxos.

The beach of Agia Anna in the evening.

About in the middle of the beach is a pier where fishing boats are moored, fishermen usually sits on the pier and mend their nets. Restaurant Gorgona lies close to the pier and it is the largest restaurant on Naxos. Well, I think it must be one of the archipelago's largest restaurant. At least I can not think of anyone that is larger. The food is very good and the sea view is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately can the service sometimes be a bit tardy.


At the far end of Agia Anna beach on Naxos is the Gorgona restaurant.

Part of Agia Anna beach where the Restaurant Gorgona is located.


Agia Anna beach. Gorgona. Naxos.

The beach in the other direction seen from Gorgona.


The beach continues on the other side of the pier, follow the beach a short distance and you come to a small chapel, behind the church is a bathing-place with rocks and a mini beach popular with nudists.


The rock bath in Agia Anna on Naxos in the Cyclades is popular with nudists.

The beach behind the church of Agios Nikolaos in Agia Anna.

One of the rocks have the shape of a stranded shark. Unfortunately, it is sometimes scribbled down and looks mostly sad. In the picture below, it is natural, with eyes and teeth, and then it looks much happier.


The shark in Agia Anna on Naxos.

The shark at Agia Anna.


Agia Anna Paradiso beach on Naxos in Greece.

The small island between the cliff bath and the beach. Agios Prokopios in the background.


The beautiful sunset in Agia Anna on Naxos.

The beach in Agia Anna just before the sun sets.

Rent sunbeds and umbrellas on Agia Anna beach on Naxos opposite Paros.

Agia Anna in a nutshell.


Agia Anna beach on Naxos in October and November.

Agia Anna in low season (November).



The range of accommodation is not as large as in Agios Prokopios, but there is still a considerable amount of options, ranging from hotels with swimming pool to simple family-run pensions.

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