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Krios and Livadia beach in Paros

In the middle of Parikia is a small beach which is good enough for a dip, but it is not a beach where you want to spend a whole day. Luckily you are close to two good beaches: Livadia and Krios.

Livadia is the nearest of the two beaches and is located about 1 kilometre from the centre of Parikia. One could say that Livadia is a suburb of Parikia, you can not see where Parikia ends and Livadia starts.


Livadia beach. Parikia. Paros.

Livadia beach in one direction. Parikia in the background.



When I came to Paros the first time, Livadia was a beach, period. Today, the area is transformed into a real tourist resort with numerous tavernas, shops, cafes, bars, and a number of hotels and pensions. The shallow beach is nice and extends along the entire bay. Here are all tourist amenities you can imagine.


Livadia beach in Parikia. Paros.

Livadia beach in the other direction.

Another kilometres from Parikia lies Krios beach which by many is considered to be the best beach around Parikia. I think I can agree with that. The beach is well protected from the north winds so if it is windy it is a good place to be at if you want to sunbathe and swim. Here are a few tavernas and hotels.


Krios beach. Parikia. Paros.

Krios beach.


To get here you can go by beach boat from the port of Parikia, or with your own transport.



There are many hotels and pensions in Livadia, and many choose to stay here instead of inside in Parikia. The advantage of course is that it is close to the beach. Below are two popular hotels in Livadia.

Alexandra's Rooms »

Krotiri Bay »

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