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Parikia in Paros

The approach to Parikia (4,300 inhabitants), the capital of Paros, is incredibly beautiful, If you stand on deck, you'll see the old town to the right where a warren of narrow alleys are waiting to be discovered. Formerly a Kastro (fortress) was located in the old town; the kastro was built in the 13th century of material from an ancient temple that stood on the same place, today only a wall and a tower remains. From the Kastro, narrow labyrinthine alleys leads in all directions, in the alleys are many tavernas, bars, cafes and shops.


Market Street in Parikia. Paros.

Market Street in Parikia.



The main street is called Market Street and here you will find a large number of shops of all kinds. Along the long waterfront are a plethora of tavernas, bars, fast food places and cafes.

The waterfront is closed for all vehicular traffic in the evening and the tavernas get filled with expectant guests. Many come early to enjoy the beautiful sunset behind Portes, two small rocks just off Parikia.


The sunset seen from Taverna Mouragio in Parikia in Paros.

The sunset seen from Taverna Mouragio in Parikia.


On 26 September 2000, the ferry Express Samaina ran aground on the rocks, she sank and took 80 people into the depths, 450 people survived the disaster. The reason why the ferry ran aground was bad weather - it was full storm - and inattentive staff. It is said that the staff watched football. The captain and several officers was arrested and were held responsible for the accident.


Tavernas in Parikia. Paros.

The waterfront promenade in Parikia.

Parikia is one of Greece's busiest ports. If you are travelling around in the Cyclades you will end up here sooner or later, whether you like it or not. The bustling port is normally full of travellers who had just arrived or is on the way to leave the island. Travel agencies crowd together with letters of rooms, scooter and car rental places, fast food places and tavernas.

In the midst of this chaos stands a windmill, many sits and waits for ferries here. The windmill is depicted on many postcards and is something of a trademark of the island. Another important building, also well-photographed, is Panagia Ekatontapiliani located in the city park, not far from the port.

In the middle of Parikia is a small beach which is good enough for a dip, but it is not a beach where you want to spend a whole day.


The beach in Parikia. Paros.

The beach in Parikia.



Luckily you are close to two good beaches: Livadia and Krios. Livadia beach about 700 meters north of Parikia is a much better option. Livadia is a popular tourist large with several taverns and boarding houses. After Livadia are Krios beach considered by many to be the best beach around Parikia. For Krios you can go beach boat from the port of Parikia, or are you here on your own.

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Just like in Naoussa, there is a huge range of accommodation in Parikia. In other words, it is difficult to choose where to stay. The first thing to decide is whether to stay in the Parikia, or at Livadia beach where there are also many pensions. Select Parikia and you want city life, choose Livadia if you want really close to the beach.

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The port of Parikia, Paros.

Parikia seen from a ferry. That there are so few people in the picture is because the photo was taken in April.


The bus stop is to right in the photo. From there, buses go to Aliki, Lefkes, Naoussa, Piso Livadi, and the port of Pounda, if you're going to Antiparos.


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