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Lefkes in Paros

I fell in love at first sight when I first set foot in Lefkes. I had never seen anything like it, and maybe it was here that my lifelong love of Greece began. You get to Lefkes with your own transport or by bus from Parikia or Naoussa.


The cozy village of Lefkes on Paros in the Cyclades.

View of the cozy village of Lefkes.


It's many years ago and I have seen more Greek villages than I can count, but I still hold Lefkes as one of the loveliest villages. Naturally there have been some development during the 30 years since I came here the first time, but the charm is still there and the feeling of Legoland is the same.


The entrance to Lefkes where many labyrinthine alleys are waiting to be discovered.

The entrance to Lefkes where many labyrinthine alleys are waiting to be discovered.


Lefkes is the finest and most picturesque village on Paros.

The old men's liar's bench in Lefkes.


One of the many beautiful alleys in Lefkes on Paros.

One of the many beautiful alleys in Lefkes.

Lefkes is amphitheatrically built in a valley near the centre of the island about 10 kilometres from Parikia. When the pirates ravaged at their worst in the Cyclades, Paros' residents took refuge here, Lefkes was the island's capital at the time. Around 550 people lives here today. You might wonder where all the 550 villagers are when you stroll around the alleyways, the village is incredibly peaceful and quiet, the ones you meet are usually other tourists.


The architecture in Lefkes is typical Cycladic.

The architecture in Lefkes is typical Cycladic.


The village of Lefkes on Paros is a mix of houses in ruins and renovated houses.

Lefkes is a mix of houses in ruins and renovated houses.


Walking in the old parts of Lefkes on Paros is like going back in time.

Strolling aimlessly around the oldest parts of the village is a great pleasure.


Bougainvillea, hibiscus and geraniums in Lefkes.

Left or right? Doesn't matter, it's just as nice wherever you go.

Lefkes is a small oasis and one wonders indeed if one is still on the touristic Paros. Come here and recuperate when you get tired of barkers and kitschy souvenir shops in Parikia or Naoussa. You face an almost unspoilt village with winding alleys, whitewashed houses with blue doors and shutters, hanging bougainvilleas and narrow steps with geraniums in pots of olive cans. It's like the archetype of a Greek village. Some buildings are in ruins, others are beautifully worn, like the pastel mansions.


Lefkes is like the archetype of a Greek village.

One of the old pastel colored mansions in Lefkes.


Lefkes on Paros is one of the finest villages in the Cyclades.

There are some dead ends too.


Good hotels and pensions in Lefkes on central Paros.

I would like to live here, but it is not for rent.


Museum, craft shops and potters in the village of Lefkes on the island of Paros.

One of several ceramic shops in Lefkes.

In the square is a cafeteria under shady trees where you can sit for hours and linger over a book and a frappe (iced coffee). There is not a car or scooter as far as the ear can hear, a meowing cat under the table is perhaps the only sound you hear. A great lunch taverna with lovely views overlooking the village and towards Naxos is located just at the beginning of the village, about where the road ends. There is also the village's only museum located, and several craft shops and ceramists.


Tavernas and restaurants in Lefkes on Paros.

The cozy square in Lefkes.


The square in Lefkes on Paros.

On the square is an old cafe that everyone takes pictures of.


Lefkes' most important attraction, and the village's pride, is the cathedral of Agia Triada. The cathedral was built in 1830 on the ruins of three small churches, whose icons are on display in the cathedral. The cathedral is built of marble from Paros and is really beautiful.


The cathedral of Agia Triada in Lefkes on Paros.

Agia Triada Cathedral in Lefkes.


We have a tradition of taking a picture of ourselves outside the cathedral. We took the first picture in 1997 and it was then used on the home page of Kalimera when Kalimera was born in 1997. There is a 10 year difference between each picture below.


Lefkes on Paros in 1997.

Lefkes in 1997.


Lefkes on Paros in 2007.

Lefkes in 2007.


Lefkes on Paros in 2014.

Lefkes in 2014.



Every time I'm in Lefkes I ask myself how the village is in the evening, and how it is to stay the night and wake to the rooster crowing. Unfortunately, it still shas not happened. But I can only imagine how nice it is to stay overnight, or even several nights. If I were to stay in Lefkes I had chosen Lefkes Villages, which looks very nice out, if it should be full there are other suggestions below.

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Don't miss Golden beach when you are in the genuine village of Lefkes on Paros.

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