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Naoussa in Paros

I have spent more than four months in Naoussa over a period of several years. At that time, I did not long to Greece, I longed to Naoussa. Naoussa was the perfect destination for me, nothing could compare with this charming and picturesque village, it had everything I wished for, Naoussa was my paradise. Today, I have seen and experienced so much more of Greece, other villages has become my favourites.


The cozy fishing port with tavernas and cafes in Naoussa. Paros.

The cozy fishing harbor port with tavernas and cafes.



But I still get butterflies in my stomach each time I return, and I have never been disappointed, Naoussa still is an adorable fishing village. It should be added that Naoussa is the second major tourist destination on Paros, after Parikia, but just like in Parikia the mix of tourism and the Greek everyday life are of the pleasant kind. It is also a port for sailboats.

What is it that made me, and to some extent even today, so in love in Naoussa? First and foremost, I fell for the fishing port at the Venetian castle, it must be one of the most charming fishing ports in Greece.


The adorable fishing port of Naoussa in Paros.

The adorable fishing port of Naoussa.


Along the narrow quay lies taverna after taverna, and in between one and another bar; tables and chairs are so close to the water so if one tilts too much on the chair one will fall into the water. Fishing boats bobs in the port, and after a few glasses of local wine one might start to philosophize over which boat has been fishing the mackerel lying on the plate.

If you are here during the day you can see octopus and mackerel hanging out to dry, fishermen working with their nets and tourists who frantically photograph every inch of the port. Many of the tavernas in the small port serves good food. Which is best is difficult to say, they have similar menus. The location is also not so important since almost everyone is well located.

The Venetian Castle in the fishing port originates from a time when Naoussa was the main port and main village on Paros, at the time when pirates ravaged in the Cyclades and Naoussa was considered as the best and safest port in the area. Everyone wanted to secure Naoussa, and many managed to do so, including the notorious pirate Barbarossa, also the Venetians, the Turks and the Russians have occupied Naoussa.


There are many small shops in the alleys of Naoussa in Paros.

There are many small shops in the alleys of Naoussa.


On August 23 a great festivity is celebrated in Naoussa, a major battle against the Turks is commemorated, the battle is re-enacted, boats and villagers are dressed out and they are trying to reproduce the navel battle as far as possible. But the main reason is of course to have a reason to party, dance, eat good food and shoot fireworks - which the Greeks are incredibly good at, there's always something that can be celebrated.

The port may be a favourite in Naoussa, but also the alleys leading to and from the port is well worth seeing. In fact, Naoussa is a fairly large village (almost 2,500 inhabitants), you can divide it into three parts: one part that climb the hill above the port, the next part begins about where the main street ends and also here are the houses climbing up a hill, finally we have the old and completely pedestrian district that is joined together with the port.


The main street with restaurants in Naoussa. Paros.

The main street in Naoussa.


Many of the labyrinthine alleys starts from the main street, a few stops at the port, others meander around until you are back where you started, some alleys do not seem to know where they lead, and it often ends with that you get lost. But it does not matter, in the alleys are many waterholes in the form of bars, tavernas and gyros places, the shopaholic's disorientation might stop at a jeweller or a craftsman, or why not in a clothing store. Here, in the alleys, there is everything you can imagine. As well as a considerable amount of cute little squares, churches and chapels, and so many bougainvilleas that you almost get tired of them, but just almost. :-)


Tavernas in Naoussa. Paros.

One of many alleys in car free Naoussa.


The main street that leads through the village is in the evenings and nights filled with hungry strollers, here are many nice tavernas and a few cafes and bars. Under the big tree, it is pleasant to sit down and enjoy a coffee and a Metaxa and to people watch.

Under the bridge that leads into Naoussa flows a little stream, follow the street and the stream for a little while and you will soon reach some cosy tavernas with lush gardens.

Many comes from Parikia to Naoussa to go by beach boat to the beaches of Kolymbithres and Monastiri, like almost everyone who stays in Naoussa also do, but there are beaches nearer by.


Piperi beach in Naoussa. Paros.

Piperi beach in Naoussa.



Right at the beginning of the village is Piperi beach, maybe not the best beach of Paros, it can get pretty dirty when it is windy and the waves are rolling into the shore, but the beach is good enough if you just want to take a dip or two. If your like to swim off the rocks you round the peninsula after Piperi, behind hides beautiful rocks and fantastic snorkelling water.


Agii Anargiri beach in  Naoussa. Paros.

Agii Anargiri beach in Naoussa.



Ten minute walk east of the centre of Naoussa lies another beach: Agii Anargiri beach, where there are several pensions and some tavernas.

Besides the beaches Piperi and Agii Anargiri in Naoussa, it is close to the stunning sandy beaches of Kolymbithres and Monastiri. Both beaches reached by bathing boat from the port of Naoussa.


I think there are more places to stay in Naoussa than in Parikia. Most hotels and pensions are of very good standard. We always stay at Hotel Senia, and have done so since it was a simple guest house. Today it is transformed into a deluxe hotel, but with the same charm and the same wonderful owner. Below are tips on several good hotels in Naoussa.

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