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Antiparos in Greece

Antiparos in Swedish.

Antiparos is located in the Central Cyclades just southwest of Paros. The island has 1,210 permanent inhabitants and the surface area is 35 km2. It can be compared to the neighbouring island of Paros, with 13,700 permanent inhabitants and a surface area of 197 km2. The highest mountain is Profitis Elias, measuring 310 meters above sea level. In other words, Antiparos is a very small island.


Antiparos in the Cyclades in Greece.

Chora on Antiparos.


It is a pleasant little island of great heart that has been gifted with easily accessible child-friendly beaches and a charming Chora. It is a perfect island for families with children: the beaches are shallow and many are within easy walking distance from the car-free village of Chora. Accessibility is something of Antiparos' distinguish mark, almost everything is within walking distance. Should you get tired of the smallness, you just solve it by going to Paros. You can see all of Paros in one day if you rent a car.


Psaraliki are two of several nice child-friendly beaches on Antiparos in the Cyclades.

Psaraliki 1 is one of several good beaches on Antiparos.


Antiparos was once a part of Paros, an earthquake is believed to have caused the divorce. The strait that today separates the two islands is narrow, the narrowest part only takes ten minutes to cross by boat. The proximity to Paros has made Antiparos to develop in the same way as its big brother Paros. Tourism is the main source of income, but it is relatively small-scaled and not as adapted as on Paros. But the island is not particularly genuine, far from it, but Antiparos is still a cosy island.


Agios Georgios beach on the south of Antiparos is shallow and suitable for families with small children.

Agios Georgios beach on southern Antiparos is my favorite beach.

The fact that Antiparos is a popular travel destination for families with children is notable in June when the school year end in Sweden and Norway. Many Swedes return year after year, but they are still in minority if compared to the number of Norwegians. Antiparos has in recent years more and more started to reminiscent of a Norwegian colony. Antiparos is for Norwegians what Koufonissi is for Swedes.


The main street of Chora on Antiparos is free of cars and is like a playground for toddlers.

Strolling around in the pedestrian streets of Chora is very cozy.


I have stayed on Antiparos a couple of times. What I like most is the evenings in Chora. To be in the car-free village and have a nice dinner in one of the alleys is something to long for all winter. It's even better if it is full moon. But I am childishly fond of the neighbouring island of Paros, and for some years I have chosen to stay there instead. However, I usually go to Antiparos to say hello. The voyage only takes 5 minutes.


Along the cozy main street of Chora on Antiparos are good tavernas, restaurants, cafes and bars.

The cozy main street in Chora in the evening.


But last time I visited this part of the Cyclades I chose to stay on Antiparos. One day I rented a scooter and went with the car ferry to Paros to photograph beaches. The following are the beaches I visited in one day: Aliki 1, Frangas, Drios, Golden Beach, New Golden Beach, Pounda, Logaras, Piso Livadi, Aliki 2, Santa Maria, Agii Anargiri, Piperi, Kolymbithres, Monastiri, Livadia, Krios, Parikia beach, Agia Irini and Agia Eleni. I was in Greece to work, that's why I fluttered about like that.


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There are many good restaurants serving good Greek food on Antiparos in the Cyclades.

The evenings are magic in Chora on Antiparos.

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It is possible to go to Antiparos on a package holiday from some countries, check with a travel agency in your country. If you are going to travel independently, the easiest way is to fly to Santorini. Santorini has very good boat connections with Paros which is the only island with regular ferry service to Antiparos. The ferries to Antiparos leaves from Pounda and from Parikia on Paros.

Practically there is only one village, it is also called Antiparos, but commonly called Chora. The great allurement of the village is the cosy main street that leads through the whole village. Along the street there are shops of all kinds, many tavernas and cafes and some bars. The village's main attraction is Kastro, which was started to be built in the 1440s and is located by the main square.

The beaches closest to Chora are very child-friendly, especially the village beach called Agios Spiridonas, which is extremely shallow. Psaraliki 1 and Psaraliki 2 are also within walking distance of the village, and they are also child-friendly. My favourite beaches are Soros Beach and Agios Georgios Beach. The island's official nudist beach - Nudist Beach - is located about a kilometre north of Chora.


Antiparos Cave, or stalactite cave, on Antiparos is one of the Cyclades' most interesting attractions.

The entrance to the cave on Antiparos. Do you dare to go down here?


The dripstone cave is Antiparos' chief attraction and was once considered to belong to one of Europe's most fascinating caves. The most spectacular parts are illuminated by colourful spotlights to intensify the effect of the stalagmites and stalactites. Once you reach the bottom of the cave you have 360 steps up to the "surface" again.

The range of accommodation is wide and the standard is quite high. If you have not booked your accommodation in advance, you can follow one of the letters of rooms who usually meet all ferries that arrives at the port. You can also search independently, the distances are quite short.


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