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Agia Paraskevi and Kalami on Samos

Kalami - north of Samos Town - is a small village surrounded by an incredibly beautiful scenery with fantastically stately cypress trees. There are several pensions here for those who want to stay where peace and quiet prevail, and where the view from the balcony is as close to meditation as you can get.


Kalami village north of Samos town in Greece.

Kalami north of Samos town.


If you continue north of Kalami and further west you eventually end up in the small inconspicuous village of Agia Paraskevi (meaning Friday in Greek). The village is not much to write home about. Here there are a few houses, two tavernas, a fishing port, a nice church and two beaches, one of which is quite okay.


The fishing village of Agia Paraskevi and the small beach on North Samos.

Agia Paraskevi. The beach at the beginning of the village is quite okay.


Even though Agia Paraskevi is not much to cheer about, it used to be still worth driving here, because the stretch of road was one of the most beautiful you could imagine. When we were here last, the beautiful landscape was unfortunately eaten by a forest fire, but nature has probably already recovered.


The church of Agia Paraskevi in ??the village of the same name on Samos.

The church of Agia Paraskevi which has given the small village its name.

Galazio beach in Agia Paraskevi on Samos in Gekland.

Galazio beach which is behind the hill in Agia Paraskevi which you see in the picture with the church.


According to the map I have, there is a small dirt road from Agia Paraskevi to the monastery of Zoodohou Pigis which is about 5 km east of Samos Town. I have tried to drive that way, but have always given up. But there is a much better road. Read about it below.


The monastery of Zoodohou Pigis east of Samos town.

The monastery of Zoodohou Pigis east of Samos town.


View of Mourtia beach from the monastery of Zoodohou Pigis on Samos.

View of Mourtia beach from the monastery of Zoodohou Pigis.

If you want to visit this fine monastery, it is better to drive from Samos town, via the village of Kamara. The monastery with the hard-to-pronounce name is located approximately 300 metres above sea level and offers absolutely insanely beautiful views. Mourtia beach, which you see in the picture below, is fantastically beautiful.


Beautiful Mourtia beach on eastern Samos.

Mourtia beach looks better from above than on site.


Mourtia beach near the monastery of Zoodohou Pigis and the village of Agia Paraskevi on northeastern Samos.

Mourtia beach is, to be honest, a pretty mediocre beach.


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