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Manolates on Samos

Manolates (130 inhabitants) is located about 380 metres above sea level in a lush valley. The valley is generally called the Nightingale Valley. The stretch of road up to the village is extremely beautiful: coniferous forest mixed with deciduous forest forms a roof over the road, thousands of singing cicadas and the soothing sound of water flowing down the stream. You almost get the feeling of being indoors.


The beautiful road up to Manolatos on Samos.

The beautiful stretch of road up to Manolatos.


And all these grand cypresses, they are found everywhere on Samos, but here they are the grandest. If you go here early, or late, and if you are lucky, there are good chances that you are alone on the way up. However, you never escape the cacophony of cicadas. I recommend you to go by scooter so you can enjoy this beautiful distance to the maximum, especially when you are rolling down with the engine switched off.

When you almost are in Manolates, and have left the forest, the view over the valley and over the sea appears. Wow, it is so beautiful! Shortly afterwards, the lower part of the village pops up.


The narrow main street of Manolates on Samos in Greece.

The narrow main street in Manolates.


Arts and crafts shops along the main street that runs through the village of Manolates.

Arts and crafts shops along the main street that runs through the village.

Where the village begins there are two tavernas and one ouzeria. The latter is called Anthemousa and is highly recommended. Anthemousa is a cosy place where the roof is covered with grapevines and climbing plants, you have full control of everyone who is on their way to the village, the food is good and ridiculously cheap. In fact, Anthemousa is one of the cheapest places I have eaten at in Greece.


Great restaurants and taverns in the village of Manolates on Samos.

At the beginning of Manolates are several tavernas.


Map of the village of Manolates on the island of Samos in Greece.

A map of Manolates at the beginning of the village.


The main street that runs through Manolates is beautiful as a dream. Slightly touristy in places, but not so it disturbs. Along the street are many art and ceramic shops selling handicrafts of excellent quality.


Ceramics shop in Manolates on Samos.

Ceramics shop in Manolates.

There are many tavernas in the village, and it is needed when the tourist buses arrives and everyone has to eat at the same time. My favourite taverna is Taverna Lukas (Loukas) atop Manolates. To be more precisely, the taverna lies a little bit outside the village.


The road to Lukas Taverna in Manolates on Samos.

One of many signs that show the way to Lukas Taverna in Manolates.


It is not easy to find the taverna, and of course Lukas knows that so he has put up lots of signs and arrows that shows the way. If you miss the signs (which is almost impossible), walk the main street as far up as you can, and then continue walking until you leave the village.


Lukas Taverna in Manolates on Samos.

Lukas Taverna in Manolates.


I think that a visit at Taverna Lukas is a must when you are on Samos. Partly because the food is very good, partly because of the enchanting view, partly because you have a great chance of seeing many birds of prey. The latter may just amuse birders, like me, but I think that most people will enjoy having lunch and at the same time watching large predators sailing around in the valley below.

Manolatos is located west of Kokkari, as well as the beaches of Lemonakia, Tsamadou and Tsabou. The road leading to Manolates begins at the fishing village of Agios Konstantinos.

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