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Kentarchos (Kallitsos) in Serifos

Kentarchos is located about 8 kilometres north of Livadi and about 5 kilometres east of Galani. If you come from Galini you pass Moni Taxiarchon, which is Serifos' main tourist attraction.


Kentarchos on Serifos, or Kallitsos as the village is also called.

Kentarchos, or Kallitsos as the village is also called.


Kentarchos, or Kallitsos as the village is also called, is located at the edge of a beautiful long valley above a lush stream leading down to the sea. The stone stair-path leading down to the completely car-free village is hidden behind some trees. As if the residents want to have the village for themselves.


Kentarchos on Serifosi s a car-free village and this is the only "road" into the village.

Kentarchos is a car-free village and this is the only "road" into the village.


A theory that does not add up, because when you are strolling around in the alleys you are met by curious and friendly greeted villagers. Follow the main alley that runs through the village, from the beginning to the end, it take you about 3 minutes. Kentarchos is not bigger than that.


Kallitsos. Serifos.

The only road to Kallitsos.



Kallitsos is an old settlement and it is beautifully worn, the whitewashed houses along the narrow alleys are worn, it is clear that it is not the outside that counts. It is incredibly quiet in the village despite the road above. You can enjoy this silence at the church, when you are admiring the view overlooking the ravine and the sea below. It's like meditating.

Here are some pictures that show how old and beautifully worn out Kentarchos is.


The main street in the village of Kentarchos on Serifos.

Part of the narrow main street.


Cats in Kentarchos on Serifo in Greece.

Kentarchos is a mix of old and new. Most old.


Typically Greek and almost like an art installation. Kentarchos. Kallitsos. Serifos.

Typically Greek and almost like an art installation.



Ruin from one of several old houses. Imagine if they could tell.

In Kentarchos on Serifos you can meditate and think about ancient Greece.

Here you can sit for a long time and think about times gone by.


Museum on Serifos in Greece.

It's like walking around in a living folk museum.



Smile Serifos in Greece.

Smile Serifos is written on one of the old houses. And of course you smile.


Kentarchos beach located below the village on Serifos.

Kentarchos beach located below the village.

No taverna and no accommodation. It is a pity because I would at all events be happy to stay for a few nights. It is said that there is a grave from Roman times somewhere in the village, an important general is supposed to be buried in the grave. There are no other sights, unless you come here in September when the villagers prepare the year's wine harvest.


Wine barrels on the main street of Kentarchos in Serifos.

Wine barrels on the main street of Kentarchos.


One time when I was here in September, I met Georgios. He had just picked the grapes of the year and he where going to prepare them for fermentation. He told us how the process worked, from picking the grapes, via the foot-stomping and all the way to the finished wine. No chemicals - he surely said ten times. He was precise about that. He offered self-pickled olives and his own wine. If you happen to be coming this way in September, you may also be lucky to taste the wine.


Wine tasting in Kentarchos on Serifos.

Wine tasting in Kentarchos.


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