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The Tombs at Sendoukia on Skopelos

When I come to new islands I always ask the locals what they think you should see and do. All tips of sights that are not so famous are welcome, preferably ones that are not mentioned in guidebooks. I received many tips on Skopelos, one of them was the former burial place of Sendoukia, which almost everyone said that we should not miss. Which of course we did not. But I still wonder if it was worth it.


The walk to the burial site of Sendoukia on Skopelos is easy and very beautiful.

The hike to Sendoukia is easy and very beautiful.


Sendoukia is the name of a burial site from around 500 BC. Sendoukia is located on a plateau on Mount Delphi almost in the middle of Skopelos. Three graves is all that remains, all opened and looted. The graves,
or sarcophagi, are rectangular and masterfully carved into the rock. The exactness is impressive and suspiciously alike machine-made. But it is not. The largest grave is 2 meters long, 1 meter wide and 75 cm deep. It is therefore no problem to crawl into the grave to study closely.


You can crawl into the graves if you're in that mood.


A fourth grave also exists, but it is only a few centimeters deep, so it was probably never completed. There is said to be a fifth tomb where there is supposed to be a valuable treasure. Whoever finds the fifth grave will – according to popular belief – become very rich. We did not find the fifth grave and are thus still poor.


One of three sarcophagi in Sendoukia on Skopelos.

One of three sarcophagi in Sendoukia.

No one knows whose graves it is, but considering the inaccessible location, they must have been very important people. If they are even graves. One theory says that when pirates ravaged the area, they hid their treasures in the "tombs". But, as I said, no one knows yet what Sendoukia was used for.


Sendoukia on Skopelos is located on the island's second highest mountain, Mount Delphi.

The graves are, honestly, not much to see.


From Sendoukia on Skopelos you are offered fantastic views towards the neighboring island of Alonissos.

But the view is absolutely fantastic! The island in the background is Alonissos.


The easiest way to get to Sendoukia is to drive towards Pirgos west of Skopelos Town. Shortly after Pirgos a sign points towards Sendoukia. A few kilometres further a sign points towards the path leading up to Sendoukia. From here you have to go on Shanks´s pony. What speaks for Sendoukia is the magnificent views and the peaceful atmosphere. A great place for a picnic.

Count in 15-20 minutes walk up. Then form an opinion if you think that the islanders are right when they say that Sendoukia is something you just have to see. :-)


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