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Gouvernetto Monastery in Crete

The Gouverneto Monastery in the Akrotiri peninsula, east of Chania city, is one of the oldest in Crete and was built in 1528. The monastery is located about 5 kilometres north of the Agia Triada Monastery. To get there, follow the road to the left of Agia Triada. The landscape becomes more and more barren and desolated the closer you get to the Gouvernetto.


The beautiful Monastery of Gouvernetto in the Akrotiri peninsula close to Chania in Crete.

The beautiful Monastery of Gouvernetto in the Akrotiri peninsula.



The church is surrounded by a large square building resembles a fortress, in front of the entrance there is a large yard, to the left of the yard is a path leading to two caves and to the strange Katholiko Monastery.


The church in the Gouvernetto Monastery. Akrotiri. Crete.

The church in the Gouvernetto Monastery.

Just like at the Agia Triada Monastery, here is a small museum with icons and paintings. A small library with old books and also some black and white pictures of monks. The front of the church is richly decorated with columns and strange face masks. Inside the walls there is a magical silence, you hardly dare to breathe.


Gouvernetto Monastery in the Akrotiri peninsula in Crete.

The courtyard in the Gouvernetto Monastery.


Don't miss the Agia Triada Monastery while you're here. If you like to hike you must not miss the hike to the Katholiko Monastery which is located below the Gouvernetto Monastery.


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