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Bob Dylans house in Ios

When I came to Ios for the first time, I heard a rumour that Cat Stevens had a house on Ios. The house stood (and still stands) by the sea just before reaching Mylopotas beach. I was impressed by the house, and that Cat Stevens lived there.


Cat Stevens house at Mylopotas beach in Ios.

Cat Stevens house at Mylopotas beach.



After a few years, it was said that it was David Bowie who owned the house. And it was even cooler, because I liked him more than Cat Stevens.


David Bowies house at Mylopotas beach in Ios.

David Bowies house at Mylopotas beach.


The years went by and more and more musicians were said to own the house. A very stubborn rumour said that it was Bob Dylan's house, and since he is my household god, I have chosen to believe it. Even though I know it's not true. That's me.

Bob Dylan's house at Mylopotas beach in Ios island, Greece.

Bob Dylans house at Mylopotas beach.


What is believed to be true is that the Greek artist Yannis Gaitis (1923-1984) periodically lived in the house. To his honour, an art gallery has been built above Chora, a gallery that EU paid and that never opened.

Speaking of Bob Dylan, there is a stubborn rumour that he stayed in Matala's caves in the happy sixties. That rumour is not true. But Cat Stevens stayed there, just as Joni Mitchell did. The latter even wrote a song about Matala (in Crete). The song is called Carey and is one of her most famous songs, and it is found on her album Blue.


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