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Mountain villages on Karpathos

The cosy mountain village of Menetes lies about 7 kilometres west of Pigadia. The road between Pigadia and Arkasa goes straight through the village and I guess that many just pass through the village. It is a shame because Menetes is a nice village with narrow alleys and colourful houses. The large church on top of the rock is one of Karpathos' most important and it is celebrated with pomp and circumstance the 15 of August each year. Many of the island's musicians comes from Menetes.


The beautiful mountain village of Menetes is located on Karpathos seven kilometers west of Pigadia.

Menetes seen from the road to Pigadia.


Menetes is the most colorful village on Karpathos.

Menetes is the most colorful village on Karpathos.


The magnificent church in Menetes.

The magnificent church in Menetes.


Cafes and tavernas in the village of Menetes on Karpathos.

Café in Menetes.


The village of Menetes on Karpathos in the Dodecanese.

One of many narrow alleys in the colorful village of Menetes.

In the mountains northwest of Pigadia are several villages: Aperi, Volada, Othos, Pyles and Stes. Volada lies about 2 kilometres north of Aperi. From Voalada the views of the nearby mountains and the verdant valleys with gardens and nice houses are magical.


The village of Volada on Karpathos in the Dodecanese.

Volada is one of Karpathos most beautiful villages.


Volada is one of Karpathos most beautiful villages.



If you are driving on Karpathos, the village of Volada is a perfect stop for lunch at one of the tavernas.

Volada is a perfect stop for lunch.

Taverna Kali Limni above Volada on Karpathos.

Taverna Kali Limni above Volada.


From Volada, a road goes straight up to the mountains to a plateau called Kali Limni. Look for signs pointing to Lastos. A taverna called Kali Kardia (The good heart) lies on the plateau. To run a taverna all the way up here ought to be impossible. Who find their way here? Quite many actually. But no one would go there if the food wasn't good. Kali Kardia serves incredibly delicious Greek homely fare and the owner Thanasis is super friendly.


Taverna Kali Kardi in Kali Limni on Karpathos.

Taverna Kali Kardia near the mountain Kali Limni.


NOTE! Owner Thanasis passed away in 2021, but reportedly his sister has taken over the tavern. It's best to check that task on site so you don't drive up there unnecessarily.


Kalimera Janne at Taverna Kali Kardia on Karpathos.

Here I sit and wait for the pasta makarounes.


Taverna Kali Kardia serves insanely good Greek home cooking.

Taverna Kali Kardia serves insanely good Greek home cooking.


The pasta makarounes is a specialty on Karpathos.

From the village Othos, it is possible to do a detour to Stes. The village is so small that it barely appears on the map: a few houses scattered on a tree-covered plateau with vineyards, flowers, small patches and fruit trees. When we visit Karpathos, we usually goes to Stes. On a stone wall at the beginning of the village, we usually sit down and listen to the birds and the purling water from a nearby spring. It's amazingly soothing.


The peaceful village of Stes on Karpathos.

Here we usually listen to birds and rippling water from a nearby spring.


Stes is the smallest village on Karpathos.

The peaceful village of Stes.


Do not miss the village of Stes when traveling to Karpathos.

The road leading into the "centre" of the village of Stes.


The church in Stes on Karpathos.

Above the church in Stes sits this beautiful and sad mosaic painting.

Pyles is perhaps the most Greek of the five mountain villages. The houses are worn, and the alleys are a little more unruly than in the other villages. As a tourist, it almost feels like you butt in. It is like you more or less step right into the villagers' everyday lives. The feeling does not last long, the villagers are namely as curious as in all other villages. Do you like geraniums and other flowers, you must visit Pyles, I do not think I've seen so many geraniums on one and the same spot.


The village of Pyles on Karpathos in Greece.

The cute little geranium village of Pyles.


In Pyles, time has stood still.



Don't miss swimming at Apella beach when you've visited the mountain villages of Karpathos.

Do not miss Apella beach, which you can read about here »


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