Myrtos beach in Kefalonia

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Myrtos beach (or Mirtos) is undoubtedly one of Greece's most scenic beaches. Maybe even the most scenic. When one stands above the beach and looks out over the blue sea and the long white beach, it is close to lose one's breath. Myrtos is not only beautiful to look at from a distance, it is also a fantastic beach for sunbathing and swimming.

There are those who say that it is Greece's best beach, I do not really agree, but I am happy to endorse that it is one of the five nicest beaches. Anyway, Myrtos is one of Greece's most photographed beaches, perhaps the most photographed after Smugglers Wreck on Zakynthos and Porto Katsiki on Lefkada. Photo locations are available at two places along the road above the beach. I can guarantee that you also will stop and take photographs so it comes smoke from the camera. :-)

The beach is long and wide and it is plenty of room for loads of people. From a distance it looks like that the beach consist of white powder sand, but it's not, it's white pebbles. It is rather disappointing when one come down to the beach and notice that. The advantage is that you will be spared from the flying sand, in any case that is something that I do not want to carry home. Be careful when you are going for a swim, because it gets deep at ones.

Unfortunately there are no real tavernas, a small snack bar is all that is available. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent.

Myrtos beach. Kefalonia.

View of Myrtos beach.

Mirtos. Kefalonia.

Myrtos beach.

Myrtos beach. Kefalonia.

Myrtos lies about 11 kilometres south of Assos and about 9 kilometres northwest of Agia Efimia. If you want to be close to Myrtos it is a good choice to stay in one of these villages.

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