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Perissa beach on Santorini

Perissa beach is in my opinion the best beach in Santorini. It is also the island's longest beach extending for 3 kilometres. At about in the middle of the beach it is changing name to Perivolos, and another few kilometres away the beach changes name again and then it is called Agios Georgios, which in turn extends almost all the way to Vlychada.


Perissa beach on Santorini in Greece.

Part of the long beach in Perissa.


Perissa beach on Santorini in the Cyclades.

Perissa beach.


Warm sand at Perissa beach. Use bathing shoes or walk on the wooden planks.

On the beach there are wooden steps that make it possible to move without burning your feet.

The beach has its beginning at the foot of the Mesa Vouno headland that separates Perissa and Kamari. Perissa is just like Kamari a large tourist resort. What really sets them apart is that Perissa is a more scattered tourist resort, and that there is no pedestrian seafront promenade.


Restaurants and tavernas along the seafront promenade in Perissa on Santorini.

The seafront promenade in Perissa.


The centre, if one can call it that, is located at the foot of Mesa Vouno with hotels, tavernas and bars along the waterfront. There are also several travel agencies, supermarkets, clothing shops and souvenir shops, diving school, ATM as well as car and moped rental companies.


Perissa church is located near the grey-black sand beach.

The large church of Perissa is in the center of the village.


The car and moped rental company Markos at Motomania in Perissa is the best rental company in Santorini.

The car and moped rental company Markos at Motomania is also located in the center.


From the Metamorfosi Sotiros Church in Kastelli you have a nice view of Perissa beach.

Perissa seen from Metamorfosi Sotiros Church in the village of Kastelli.

But how is the beach? It is quite similar to the one at Kamari: gray-black sand that gets blisteringly hot. There is a maze of wooden footbridges on the beach that makes it possible to walk without burning your feet. Swimming shoes are recommended. The sand is not as coarse as in Kamari. From Perissa you can go by boat to Kamari and vice versa. The beach boat departs from the foot of the mountain and costs around €5. The boat trip takes about 15 minutes.


Perissa beach on Santorini is located at the foot of Mount Mesa Vouno.

Perissa ends where the mountain Mesa Vouno begins.


The mountain Mesa Vouno seen from the beach in Kamari.

The mountain Mesa Vouno seen from the beach in Kamari.


The mountain Mesa Vouno seen from the beach in Perivolos.

The mountain Mesa Vouno seen from the beach in Perivolos.

On top of the mountain Mesa Vouno (396 m), midway between Kamari and Perissa lies the ancient city of Thira. The easiest way to get to Ancient Thira is to drive the winding road from Kamari. The nicest, and clearly the most difficult way, is to go via a path that starts from Perissa.


View of Perissa and Perivolos beach from Ancient Thira on Santorini.

View of Perissa from Ancient Thira.


Hike to Ancient Thira from Perissa on Santorini.

Same view fixed from a different angle.


In the 1950s, there were only a few houses and a church in Perissa.

The same view from the year 1950. At that time there were not many houses in Perissa.

We have hiked up to Ancient Thira once, and it was worth every drop of sweat. Nevertheless, we have never done it again, instead we have driven up via the road from Kamari. Perhaps we have become a bit lazy over the years. :-)


The small church of Panagia Katefiani is located along the path that goes from Perissa up to Ancient Thira.

Along the path up to Ancient Thira, you pass the church of Panagia Katefiani.


If you can't bear to walk all the way up to Ancient Thira, I can recommend you to at least go up to the small church of Panagia Katefiani which is along the path up to Ancient Thira. It only takes 15-20 minutes to go up. The church was built between 1537 and 1650 and is about 200 meters above sea level. The view is stunningly beautiful.


 Panagia Katefiani church in Perissa on Santorini.

Panagia Katefiani church is located partly in a cave.


Perissa beach on Santorini during low season.

Perissa beach in low season. The island that is on the right is Anafi.



Perissa beach was where almost all island hoppers stayed when I started to go island hopping. Now it's different. Today there are hotels for all tastes and budgets and also many family-run pensions. Below are some suggestions for hotels and pensions.


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Don't miss the unique village of Kastelli when you travel to Perissa on Santorini.

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