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Chora in Serifos

Chora on Serifos is one of the Cyclades' absolutely most beautiful villages. And from a distance the village is probably the most beautiful of them all. The white cube houses climb steadily up to the top of a hill where a Kastro (castle) and some chapels completes the beautiful picture.


Chora on Serifos in Greece.

Chora seen from three boiled eggs in Livadi.


Chora on Serifos is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades.

Chora seen from a different angle.


The old fortress of Kastro in Chora on Serifos.

Kastro is located in the upper part of Chora.


Beautiful Chora in the evening.

Beautiful Chora in the evening.

The first time you disembark from the ferry at the port of Livadi and you catch the sight of Chora you will be eager to discover it. To appease your curiosity you can choose between bus, car or scooter, or as many do, hike along the old cobbled donkey path. If you choose to walk, you have about a 2 kilometres uphill ahead of you. It takes about 45 minutes. The winding main road is 5 kilometres long. Chora is traffic-free, donkeys is the only means of transport. You kindly have to park your vehicle outside the village.


Chora and Livadi seen from the port.

Chora and Livadi seen from the port.


The road between Livadi and Chora on Serifos.

The road up to Chora from Livadi.


The old donkey path between Livadi and Chora.

The old donkey path between Livadi and Chora.

Chora is Serifos' administrative centre, but far from its tourist centre. Here are few traces of tourism, the Greek everyday life has the upper hand in Chora. From the lower square, at the junction with tavernas and kafenións, several narrow alleys lead into the village. Aim at one of the alleys and find the way up to the top where the village's kastro perch.


One of many narrow alleys in Kastro in Chora.

One of many narrow alleys in Kastro in Chora.


Beautiful flowers in the old town of Kastro in Chora on the island of Serifos in the Cyclades.

Part of Kastro in Chora.


Churches and chapels in Kastro and Chora on Serifos.

From Kastro you have a fantastic view.

The view overlooking the bay of Livadi is breathtaking from the chapels. And I really mean breathtaking. From the opposite side of the village, at the grand windmills, you get a more overall picture of Chora itself.


View from Chora on Serifos over Livadi beach, Livadi village and Livadaki beach.

Livadi beach, Livadi village and Livadaki beach seen from Chora.


When you are tired of looking at the views, find your way down again, follow the arrows towards the square and you will not get lost. Chora's square is like an illusion, like a scene from a Greek filming, as if someone were commissioned to design the ultimate village square. In other words, it is really picturesque.


Tavernas at the square in Chora. Serifos.

The cozy square in Chora.


The beautiful Town Hall in Chora on Serifos.

The beautiful Town Hall in Chora.

At the farthest corner lies the church of Agios Athanasios and the fancy town hall in neoclassical style, just opposite lies Taverna Zorba and in the other corner lies the pleasant Stou Stratou, a very nice and cosy cafe and once you are seated it is difficult to leave the place. Stratous, the owner of Stou Stratou (meaning "Home at Stratos") opened this unique cafe in the summer of 2001. He then took it over from the previous owners.


Stou Stratou Café in Chora on Serifos.

Stou Stratou and part of the square in Chora.


Stratous has carefully renovated the building and also opened a small extension so that you can also sit inside. Of course it is also possible to be seated on the beautiful square. Stou Stratou mainly serves all sorts of drinks (please try Raki with honey) and light meals (mezé) and tasty breakfasts. Good music, dreamy beautiful environment and a super friendly owner makes Stou Stratou to be one of the most peaceful places I know.


Café Stou Stratou in Chora is incredibly cozy and you like to stay for a long time.

Stou Stratou is one of the most peaceful places I know.


Be sure to try Rakomelo (Raki with honey) when you travel to Chora on Serifos.

When we were here in September one year, it was so cold that we had to warm ourselves with hot Rakomelo.


Zorbas Restaurant in the square of Chora on Serifos.

Zorbas Restaurant on the square in Chora.

Windmills above Chora on Serifos in Greece.

The windmills above Chora.


View of Livadi from Chora in  Serifos.

Livadi at the bottom left and Chora at the top right.


Chora on Serifos seen from above from a drone.

Chora seen from above.



When I first visited Serifos, there were only a few hotels in Chora. Today there are quite a few hotels and pensions, and I would like to stay there for a few nights. The evenings and mornings must be amazing. Ammos Serifos and Villa Niki are two of several good places to stay.

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Don't miss the genuine village of Kentarchos when you travel to Serifos.

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