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Tholos beach in Tilos

Some of Tilos' beaches are hard to reach, Tholos is one of them. The beach lies at the foot of a deep ravine behind the mountain on the opposite side of Livadia. You can hike to the beach from Livadia, the hike is described under the heading Hiking.


Hike to Tholos beach in Tilos.

On a hike down to Tholos beach.


If you go by car or scooter, drive the main road from Livadia, turn left towards Mikro Chorio, continue the road that goes past Mikro Chorio, and continue until you see a sign pointing toward the steep path leading down to the beach. The hike down to the beach takes 40 to 50 minutes.


Tholos beach in Tilos.

Tholos beach.


Tholos beach is a quite mediocre beach, at least I think so. Anyhow it is not good enough to justify the tough climb down, but the surroundings are amazing, the water is crystal clear and it is a pleasure to explore with snorkels and masks. Poor with shade and it's veeery far to the nearest taverna.

My first visit at Tholos ended with a swollen right knee, it looked like a honeydew melon. I got help to get back to Livadia. There, I sat down with my leg stretched over a wooden chair on Ouzeria Omonia.


Ouzeria Omonia in Livadia. Tilos.

Ouzeria Omonia in Livadia.


The nice owner Michalis saw my awkward situation and ran into the kitchen and came out quickly with a glass containing a clear liquid. He poured the liquid over the swollen knee and began massaging. After 10 minutes he was finished and he said that the knee would soon look normal. He was right, the swelling disappeared pretty soon. I asked curiously what it was in the glass and he replied smilingly: - ouzo, of course! :-)


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