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Katapola in Amorgos

Katapola is the busiest port on Amorgos, and is in my opinion the island's most pleasant village. As soon as the ferry chugs into the horseshoe shaped bay one feel the heart throb a little extra.

The feeling of love slowly come creeping just after a few hours onshore, I can not put my finger on the reason why, but it does not matter, the feeling is there and it needs no scientific explanation. Another thing you immediately feel when you disembark is that the village sends out peace and quiet. It is like one walk straight into a wall of peace. Nor is it possible to explain, it must be experienced.


Tavernas in Katapola, Amorgos.

Katapola in the evening.



While we're on the subject, the villagers live a peaceful life, the word stress does not seem to have found its way here. Everyone seems to take each day as it comes, something which also affects us tourists, after only a few hours in Katapola you will sit and dangle your legs and ask what the word stress really means.

What perhaps mark out Katapola at the most is the nearness to the sea. Wherever you are, it is no more than a few meters to the water. If I should be precise, and I should, Katapola is actually three separate small villages: Katapola, Rachidi and Xilokeratidi.


Sail to Katapola in Amorgos.

Xilokeratidi seen from Katapola.


The villages are connected by a long waterfront promenade that ends the lagoon-like bay. Katapola is the part where the ferries come in, Xilokeratidi is the part that lies opposite Katapola and Rachidi is located halfway between. But for the sake of simplicity all three villages are called Katapola.

From Katapola is it about 5 kilometers from Chora, and approximately 20 kilometers to the Aegiali.

Katapola, Rachidi and Xilokeratidi in Amorgos.

Katapola, Rachidi and Xilokeratidi= Katapola. On the hill to the right is the ancient city of Minoa.


The village is narrow, the port and the waterfront dominates, there are hardly any streets or alleys, almost the entire village is located along the waterfront, traffic is minimal and there is almost nowhere to drive. Tavernas, cafes and small bars are lined in a row along the waterfront. Many of them are quite irresistible.

The majority of the pensions, tavernas, travel agencies and shops are located in Katapola. There is a minimarket and a few pensions in Rachidi and in Xilokeratidi there are more tavernas and pensions. In Xilokeratidi lies the bar Le Grand Bleu that previously showed the film The Big Blue every night, but since the summer of 2014 that possibility disappeared. My favourite taverna is Mouragio located where the ferries dock. If you like pizza there are one very good places to eat: Captain Dimos.


Taverna Mouragio in Katapola. Amorgos.

Taverna Mouragio in Katapola.



Fishing boats crowed together with hired sailboats in the sometimes bustling port. When a ferry is coming, it is full speed in the port, everyone seems to be up and about: curious tourists, letters of rooms, poor tourists about to leave and those like me who can never get enough of meeting up ferries on their way to the port.

It is most fun when Express Skopelitis put in, you'll understand why when you are on location. Express Skopelitis is incidentally the largest attraction in Katapola. If you want to see Katapola from above, you just go up to Minoa from where you have a fantastic view.


The beach in Katapola. Amorgos.

The beach starts in Katapola and ends in Xilokeratidi.


The best beach in Katapola is Maltezi beach, you can go there on foot or take the beach boat. Just below Eleni Rooms, the last building on the left side of the port, there is a sandy beach that is okay. Many people who stays at Eleni take a morning or evening swim here.

Along the waterfront promenade there is a beach which is quite okay at the right weather. Otherwise, go by bus to Agia Anna and go for a swim there.


The range of pensions is almost as large as in Aegiali. Most accommodation is in the part called Katapola, but there are also pensions in Xilokeratidi. Where you choose to stay does not matter because the distances are short. Here you find a few suggestions for hotels in Katapola.

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