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The Big Blue in Amorgos

The film The Big Blue, which in part was shot on Amorgos, was released to cinemas in 1988 and became something of a breakthrough for the island. One can speak of a before and after: Before the film was released it was mainly curious island hoppers in search of genuine islands who travelled to Amorgos.


Amorgos - the big blue in Katapola.

Amorgos - the big blue. The picture is from Katapola.



After the successful film everyone wanted to travel to the island with the strange monastery and the bright blue sea. The film quickly gained something of a cult status, which the magnificent photo and the beautiful and strange music strongly conduced to. The film is about two friends obsessed fight to set world records in free diving, finally it becomes an enormous prestige between them. The film was directed by Luc Besson. Jean Reno, Jean-Marc Barr and Rosanna Arquette had the three main characters.


Agia Anna. The Big Blue. Amorgos.

Agia Anna, where parts of the movie was filmed.

Is it a good film? I would like to answer yes to that question, many people love it, but personally I think it's just too slow (even the short version). Too bad that the whole film was not shot on Amorgos, then it would be the world's best film. :-)


Le Grand Bleu. Katapola. Amorgos.

Katapola at night with the bar Le Grand Bleu in the middle.


A bar in Katapola is named Le Grand Bleu, which is the French name of the film, previously the film was shown outdoors on TV every night. From the summer of 2014, that is no longer possible. Either the reason is that the owners got tired of the film, or it has to do (as some say) with copyright.

There are also hotels where the name Big Blue is included, and in some other things, so no doubt about it, the film has made its mark on Amorgos.


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