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Aegiali in Amorgos

Aegiali (or Egiali) lies on the north-eastern of Amorgos, about 15 kilometres from Chora and about 20 kilometres from Katapola. Aegiali is the largest of the four villages located on this part of the island, it is also the second port and the largest tourist resort of the island. Aegiali lies in a bay surrounded by high hills, in the hills lies the genuine villages of Langada, Tholaria and Potamos.


Aegiali seen from Potamos on Amorgos.

Aegiali seen from Potamos.


The whitewashed houses in Aegiali, many of them pensions, climb up along the hill towards the village of Potamos. New pensions and tavernas have been built along Aegiali's sandy beach in recent years. In the small port are many fishing boats, next to them the fishermen often sits and mend their nets. Several tavernas and cafes are located with the sea as its closest neighbour and it is a pleasure to have lunch or dinner here.


Aegiali seen from Tholaria in Amorgos.

Aegiali and Potamos seen from Tholaria.


Aegiali seen from the road to Langada.

Aegiali's largest attractions are the nearness to the sandy beach and to the picturesque villages in the hills above. The long sandy beach is excellent for families with children, light yellow sand and shallow water. The beach extends along the entire bay and it is no problem to find a place for himself.


The sandy beach Aegiali on Amorgos.

The fine sandy beach of Aegiali.


The sandy beach in Aegiali in Amorgos is very child-friendly.

The sandy beach in Aegiali in one direction an early morning in June.


If you are traveling with small children to Amorgos, it is best to stay in Aegiali because the sandy beach is shallow and child-friendly.

The sandy beach in Aegiali in the other direction an early morning in June.


Aegiali beach on Amorgos in the Cyclades.

The beach from another angle.

It is close to tavernas, some are located just behind the beach. Continuing a short distance - by car, scooter or on foot - after Aegiali, one will reach Levrossos beach below Hotel Aegiali. Since the summer of 2024, there are sunbeds and parasols for rent on the beach. Previously, there were only sunbeds at Maltezi beach in Katapola, and at Kalotaritissa beach.


Tavernas and restaurants along Aegiali beach on Amorgos in Greece.

Beachfront taverna in Aeigiali.


Good tavernas and restaurants Aegiali on Amorgos.

Restaurant above the harbour promenade.


Restaurant Asteria in Aegiali has very good Greek food.

At Restaurant Asteria I have eaten very good food.


Restaurant To Limani Tis Kyra Katinas in Aegiali has very good Greek food.

Restaurant To Limani Tis Kyra Katinas is also good.


Cafes in the square of Agiali.

Cozy cafe on the square above the port promenade.

It is easy to be stuck with a game of backgammon in one of the cafes and bars close to the small windmill, with such a wonderful view it does not matter if you lose. The sunset is fabulous, actually it is even more beautiful than in Katapola.


Above the windmill in the port of Aegiali are many cafes and bars.

Along the road into Egiali is the "bar street". The windmill on the left.


From the windmill in Aegiali you have a nice view towards Nikouria Island in Amorgos.

View from one of the bars. Nikouria Island in the middle of the picture.


Have drinks and watch the sunset in Aegiali.

Here you can sit and have a drink while waiting for the sunset.


The very beautiful sunset in Aegiali on Amorgos in the Cyclades.

The very beautiful sunset in Aegiali.

And if you get tired of beach life, just go by bus, or hike along the old donkey paths up to Tholaria and Langada, eat lunch and watch the donkeys, or drive to Agios Pavlos and go for a swim at a beach similar to the Caribbean.


Supermarket and other shops in Aegiali.

Supermarket with a very good selection.


Aegiali port and beach in Amorgos.

The port is always full of beautiful fishing boats.



The downside of staying in Aegiali is that it is far to other parts of the island, like to Chora, Katapola, Agia Anna, the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa and Mouros. But you do not have to move around very much if you stay in Aegiali, here's everything you need. Since Aegiali is the main tourist resort on Amorgos, the range of hotels and pensions are widest here. If you want to stay near lovely beaches, or if you are travelling with small children, Aegiali is a better choice than Katapola. Here you find suggestions for good hotels in Aegiali.

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Don't miss Levrossos beach when you travel to Aegiali on Amorgos in the Cyclades.

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