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Chora in Amorgos

Chora, the capital of Amorgos, lies about 5 kilometres above Katapola. Although the village is the island's administrative centre, it is not the most populated village. Nearly 400 people lives here, while about 460 people lives in Katapola, if you put the villages of Katapola, Rachidi and Xilokeratidi together to one village, which most do. Chora is undoubtedly one of the finest and most picturesque villages in the Cyclades. The only villages that can compete for the title are Chora in Ios and Chora in Folegandros.


Chora in Amorgos.

Chora in Amorgos.



Chora is completely free of traffic, all transport in the village is done by donkeys, motorized vehicles may kindly park outside the village. Buses to Chora starts out from both Katapola and Aegiali. From Chora begins the amazing hike to Profitis Elias.

The village is pretty as a postcard and goes well together with the dream of the perfect Greek village: narrow winding alleys bordered by whitewashed houses with doors and shutters blue painted, narrow arch covered stairs leading on to small square from where new alleys begin.


Cafe in Chora. Amorgos.

A very beatiful alley in Chora.


In the alleys there are cosy small tavernas and kafenións (cafes) where it is easy to get stuck with a good book and a cold beer, or frappe (iced coffee). Chora is like a living doll house, a Greek Legoland, no matter how often you will come here you will still find new alleys to stroll in. In my opinion, the best taverna in the village was To Xyma, unfortunately it closed down when the owner Thelogos suddenly passed away a few years ago.

The small square is by far the finest part of Chora, a kafenion is located here and one may easily laze away a full day here. Do not miss a visit to the Kastro, standing on the village's highest point, from here you can see the entire village. Actually, you should not miss anything in Chora, take time to stroll around and enjoy the silence, the everyday life, the squares, the labyrinthine alleys and the fancy arches.


Squares in Chora in Amorgos.

One of the squares in Chora.



When you get tired of the whole lot, which is nearly impossible to be, you can walk up to the windmills above the village, they stand there like giants and watches over the village. Bellow the windmills, on the other side of the mountain, lies Agia Anna and the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa.

The bus goes to Chora from Katapola and Egiali. If you like to hike, you can go on a hike from Katapola to Chora via the old donkey path that begins in Xilokeratidi.

Sometimes you see people that walk the road up to Chora. It do not look so strenuous when you see the road from Katapola, but I can assure you that it is terribly exhausting to walk the way up. Believe me, I've done it, and I regretted it every step I took.


Tavernas in Chora in Amorgos.

One of the tavernas in Chora.



We almost always stays in Katapola, and sometimes we go by bus to Chora in the evening to eat dinner. Every time we've done it, we have said that we will stay a few nights in the village, but it still has not happened. The range of pensions is small, for example there are only a few places to choose from on booking.com: Panorama and Pension Ilias.

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