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Katergo beach on Folegandros

Katergo is in my opinion the best beach on Folegandros - and most scenic. The beach lies below a cliff on the south eastern tip of the island, not far from the small hamlet of Livadi. You can go by beach boat to Katergo, it's quite nice, but not as thrilling as to approach the beach from above the cliffs.


Katergo beach on Folegandros is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades.

View of Katergo beach.


The walk starts below the village of Livadi (not the beach with the same name), where you go with your own vehicle from the port. Where the road ends, a sign point towards a small path to the left. Then you "only" follow the path until you reach the cliff ridge. If you choose this path to Katergo, I can assure you that you will burst out a loud "Wow!" when you gaze at the beach and sea.


Here begins the hike to Katergo beach on Folegandros.

This is where the hike to Katergo beach begins.


It is difficult to imagine a more stunning view. Below (pretty far below, the cliffs descend abruptly) your feet you will see a long attractive beach and a clear blue sea, in addition is the small island Makri Katergo offshore, and you have an unlikely beautiful picture in front of you.


The small island of Makri Katergo on Folegandros is great for swimming and is perfect if you enjoy snorkeling.

The small island of Makri Katergo located off the beach.

When you stand up there, you will most likely get the feeling that you want to get down as fast as possible. A part of the brain says, swim now! Another says: how on earth will I get down! The path downhill is steep, really steep. But there are no major problems to get down, it looks harder than it is.


Katergo beach on Folegandros in Greece.

Sure it looks wonderful!


Folegandros. Katergo beach.

Katergo beach in one direction.


Katergo beach on Folegandros is suitable for those who like to sunbathe and swim naked.

Katergo beach in the other direction.

If you take it easy, it takes about 5 minutes to walk down. Once down there you will get rewarded when you throw yourself into the lovely sea. The entire walk takes about 30 minutes each way. You can also walk to Katergo via a path that begins at the campsite at Livadi beach, and you can go by beach boat from the port of Karavostasi.


The beach boat that goes from the port on Folegandros to Katergo beach, among other beaches.

The beach boat that goes from the port to Katergo beach, among other beaches.


Katergo beach is Folegandro's best beach. Do not miss!

The fantastic beach of Katergo.


There are no facilities on Katergo beach, bring food and drinks if you are going to stay long. Nudism is common, but the beach is big enough to have room for everyone, with or without clothes.


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