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Karavostasi in Folegandros

When nearing Karavostasi - the port of Folegandros - from the sea you are met by a welcoming picture with whitewashed houses and pastel-coloured fishing boats. Once ashore, one realizes that the picture is more beautiful from a distance, but to be a port it is still quite charming.


The port of Karavostasi on Folegandros in the Cyclades.

Coming by boat to Karavostasi is very beautiful.


Karavostasi seen from Latinaki beach on Folegandros.

Karavostasi seen from Latinaki beach.


When I first came to Folegandros in the 1990s, Karavostasi was not something you wanted to stay long in, or live in. But today the winds of change have swept over the port, and Karavostasi is now quite cosy, and more and more people choose to live here instead for up in Chora.


The port of Karavostasi on Folegandros.

The port in Karavostasi.

There is all facilities you need: supermarket, travel agency, car and scooter rental companies, bakery, several tavernas, hotels and pensions. New pensions are under construction, a mark that Folegandros attracts more and more tourists.


Bakery, gyros places, car and moped rental in the port in Folegandros.

The slope that goes up from the port up to the "center" of Karavostasi.


Restaurants and tavernas in Folegandros port Karavostasi.

The road that starts in Chora and ends in Karavostasi port.


When I started Kalimera and Kalispera in 1997, I sold E-guides about the islands on diskettes (!). After a few years I switched to pdf files, and I still sell that format as E-guides on Kalimera. For a few years I also sold CDs with loads of information. It was called "Kalimera Mera" and I chose the cover carefully, and that's the picture you see below.


Karavostasi on Folegandros in the Cyclades.

The cover of the CD guide Kalimera Mera.


The church Agios Artemios church in Karavostasi harbor on the island of Folegandros in Greece.

The cute Agios Artemios church in Karavostasi.

The shingle beach in the port is okay, maybe a little too sharp pebbles that makes it difficult to get into the sea. Better beaches are just around the corner, for example Vardia, located on the other side of the headland to the right of the pier (nose towards land).


Pebble beach in Karavostasi port in Folegandros.

Pebble beach in Karavostasi.


The fishing port and beach of Karavostasi on Folegandros.

The fishing port and beach in Karavostasi.


Vardia beach in Karavostasi.

Vardia beach to the left of the port in one direction.

To get to Vardia, just walk a short way on the road to Chora and turn right, from a cliff, some steps leads down to the beach. Vardia is a nice beach with gray-white sand and seductively clear blue water.


Vardia beach in the port of Folegandros.

Vardia beach in the other direction.


If you follow the road on the other side of the port beach, you will first get to Latinaki beach, which actually is a number of small beaches located between small pockets in the cliff. Shortly thereafter is Vitsentzou beach, a really nice beach which, however, is a bit tricky to reach. The small Pountaki beach, just after Visentzou, is also nice, and also difficult to reach. But it is possible with a little determination.
There are no tavernas on any of these beaches.


Latinaki beach south of Karavostasi.

Latinaki beach south of Karavostasi.


Vitsentzou beach near the port of Folegandros.

Vitsentzou beach south of Karavostasi.


Pountaki beach on Folegandros.

Pountaki beach south of Karavostasi.

If you continue the road after Pountaki beach you will soon arrive to Livadi beach. The beach lies in a wide bay with tamarisk trees. It is one of the longest beaches and may be considered to be quite okay, but it is certainly not a beach to brag about on Facebook.


Livadi beach near the port of Folegandros in Greece.

Livadi beach south of Karavostasi.



Opinions differ about where one should stay on Folegandros, some prefer to stay in Chora, while others think it is best to stay in the port. For those of you who wants to stay near the sea, and to have walking distance to the beaches, Karavostasi fits perfectly. Vardia Bay Studios is popular among readers on our Swedish website, many also like Coral Apartments and Vrahos Boutique Hotel gets the approval of many.


Vardia Bay Studios in the port of Folegandros.

Vardia Bay Studios is visible in the center of the picture.


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Don't miss Katergo beach when you travel to Karavostasi port on Folegandros.

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