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Fourni village in Fourni island

Fourni is an extremely serene village with an ever-present Greek everyday life. Most things happens around the port: fishermen mending their nets or repairing their boats, locals and tourists sits on the tavernas and talk quietly over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, maybe an old woman comes for a swim - fully dressed - with her grandchildren, and when the fishing boats puts in, it is full speed on seagulls, cats and curious tourists.


Fourni village, port tand beach in Greece.

Fourni village is not bigger than this.


View of the islands of Fourni and Thimena in Greece.

View of Fourni village.


The picture is taken from the road to Chrysomilia. Kambi Beach is located to the left (not visible in the picture) and the island Thimena is opposite.


Fishing boats in the harbour at Fourni.

Fishing boats in the port.

The port beach is quite good and consists of pebbles mixed with sand, the water is pretty clean for being in a port. The nearest beach is Kambi beach. Several streets and alleys starts at the port and leads up through the village. The main street - flanked by mulberry trees - begins at the pier and ends at a square with cafes and bakeries. Along the street there is everything you might need: mini-markets, fruit shops, bakeries, travel agencies, internet café, ATM and tavernas. There are also hotels, pensions, studios and standard rooms in the village.


The port beach in Fourni village.

The port beach in Fourni village. NOTE! The beach is shorter since the picture was taken.


The night life is serene and quiet, like everything else on the island. The cosy tavernas at the seafront and along the main street are filled in the evenings by expectant locals and tourists. Not only to enjoy good food and drink, the street life is a part of the entertainment, because on Fourni the life is lived outdoors, to be seated at the seafront and people-watch is like being in a giant Greek living room.


Tavernas, bars and restaurants at Fourni.

The evenings in the village are magical.


Good tavernas and restaurants along the main street of Fourni village.

Tavernas along the main street.

Nikos Taverna at the seafront is ours, and many others, favourite. The food is varied and excellent, the staff are both nice and entertaining, and it is relatively inexpensive. There is no menu at Nikos, instead you have to go out among the pots in the kitchen and see what is available for the day, and point out which dishes you want. Nikos wife Jenny are happy to assist and show one delicious dish after another. One usually will be seated for a long time at Nikos, usually longer than expected.


Nikos Taverna in Fourni.

Nikos Taverna.


At Nikos Taverna you can eat fresh barbouni, which I think is the best fish in Greece.

At Nikos Taverna you can eat fresh barbouni, which I think is the best fish in Greece.


Take the opportunity to eat fresh seafood when you visit Fourni island.

Take the opportunity to eat fresh seafood when you visit Fourni.

Of course there are other good restaurants, including Miltos fish taverna next to Nikos. Along the main street are a couple of tavernas with a perfect location for people-watching. Café Archontiko, left of Miltos, is a cosy place if you want a cup of coffee or a beer and people-watch. To the left of the small pier is a taverna and a café with tables directly in the sand. It is not a bad idea to sit there and watch as the sun sets behind Thimena.


Miltos Taverna in Fourni.

Miltos Taverna.


If you want to try some different food, you have great opportunities to do it on Fourni. One of the tavernas might serve fuschka, pinna or sea urchins if you are lucky. I have only eaten fuschka on Lipsi, Kalymnos, Telendos and on Fourni. Fuschka is a tiny sponge-like ugly thing served raw with lemon, and it is eaten together with ouzo. Pinna looks like a giant clam and tastes much like clams, served in the same way as fuschka. The shells of Pinna is oval and very long and usually hang as decoration on tavernas.


The main street of Fourni is lined with shops, taverns and mulberry trees.

The main street is lined with shops, tavernas and mulberry trees.


Tavern by the square in the upper part of Fourni village.

Taverna by the square in the upper part of the village.


Panigiri, party, fiesta and dance to live Greek music on the island of Fourni in Greece.

Panigiri party a wonderful evening in the port.



Most hotels and pensions are in Fourni village, there are also some hotels on the hill between the village and Kambi beach and above Kambi beach. In the past it was easy to find a room on the spot, but since almost everyone now books in advance, I recommend everyone to book a hotel before arriving in Fourni.


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